Jan. 15th, 2011

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You can find the metadata for this story with the first section here

Here's the second half of After the consorting )
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Story: After the Consorting
Pairing: F/m
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Kim comes from a background that is controlling of men at best, and abusive at worst. He identifies as male and was male assisgned at birth, but has always been uncomfortable with his own body and wishes to be at least partially female-bodied. If you're uncomfortable with the idea of transgender people or with a woman being in charge then I suggest you look elsewhere. There's also implications of near-slavery and financial coercion.
Word Count: Approx 12000 words
Summary: After signing their consorting contract Terese and Kim spend a night at a hotel to consummate it undisturbed. Terese discovers some unnerving information about Kim's background and assumptions.
Feedback: Welcome, but keep the criticism constructive

“If you'd prefer me not to undress you until after we've eaten I'm happy to go along with that. I don't want to make you uncomfortable; we're supposed to spend the rest of our lives together after all, so I don't need to force you into anything.” It would be stupid of her to do that to him; even if their contract didn't give him much power there was no reason to make him miserable, not when it would affect how he reacted to her in the future. She wanted to be able to relax at home, have her consort comfortable and relaxed around her, she wouldn't get that if he didn't trust her, if he was scared of her. )

The fic's too large for a single post, so you can find the rest here


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