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Kim was kneeling on the floor, skirts spread around him, back perfectly straight, head bowed. She hesitated, then moved over to the dressing table and emptied her trouser pockets onto it, putting her wallet and her apartment keys together with the key Kim's sister had given her after they'd signed their contract. She made her decision and knelt in front of Kim, facing him, lifting a hand to tilt his head up.


"Please, please, forgive me Terese." He was shaking just a little as he spoke and she couldn't quite tell why.

"For what?" She caressed his cheek soothingly. "If you aren't quite ready for me to finish undressing you then I won't mind if you take the time to get your other clothes out of your bag. Then you can finish undressing me." And maybe then he'd be comfortable enough to let her return the favour. She didn't think he'd be able to undress without her help, so he'd have to let her unwrap him at some point, and they had plenty of time.

"Thank you Terese, thank you." His gratitude was clear, and more than she'd expected. Consoral rape was recognised as a crime outside the Families, but did the Scotts see it that way? And if they didn' much could she trust his consent? She didn't want to think about that, and she pushed herself to her feet, then held out a hand to help Kim join her.

Terese decided she might as well hang her suit up for the next day, to let any creases from the transport fall out. Kim looked as if he wanted to say something when she opened her bag and pulled out the dark green trouser suit and grey shirt Tonio had said would be most appropriate. But he didn't, simply pulled piles of golden cloth from his bag and folded them into the chest of drawers while Terese put her outfit into the wardrobe. She was getting tired of having her shirt hanging open around her body, so she shrugged it off and stuffed it into her bag when she pulled out her clean underwear and socks. Kim had finished at the chest of drawers and gone back to his bag by then, so Terese put her underwear and socks away while he put a dark green dress into the wardrobe. Kim was moving more stiffly than usual as he turned back to her, and she realised there was another delaying tactic she had available.

"Get on the bed while I bring our jackets in." He froze, and Terese realised she'd been a bit abrupt. "You can sit on the edge of the bed, or kneel in the middle of it, whatever's best for you."

"Yes Terese." She seemed to have reassured him, as he'd regained his usual fluidity when he began moving again.

But she resisted the temptation to just stand watching him, going back out for their jackets instead. She'd hung them both just inside the door of the suite, as if it was her apartment, and she collected them, taking her time about it, to give Kim some time to settle down a little. She shrugged her dark grey jacket back on and stroked Kim's jacket before taking it from the hook. It was a dark brown velvet, with a subtle brocade she hadn't noticed before, cut almost like a cape with sleeves and fell to Kim's waist when he wore it.

Her eyes went at once to the bed when she returned to the bedroom, and she smiled to see Kim kneeling in the centre of it, arranged just as he had been on the floor. But it didn't disturb her as seeing him on the floor had, and she chose not to examine her feelings too closely, walking over to the wardrobe instead. She glanced at the dress Kim had hung up, noticing how close a shade it was to her own suit, and putting his jacket on a padded hanger in imitation of how he'd hung his dress.

"Did Tonio talk with you about what you would be wearing today and tomorrow?" She asked the question as she moved to pull her jacket off and stuff it into her overnight bag.

"Yes Terese. He was only interested in the colours, and I showed him samples of the fabric and lace for my new dress." He glanced up at her, and bit his lip as if he wanted to say something more, but didn't dare to. Instead of simply crumpling her jacket into a ball and shoving it into her bag she smoothed it out, and began folding it, gaining a slight smile from her consort.

"Ah, I see. He usually advises me on what I should wear to make the right impression. Do you think you'll be able to do the same at some point?" After he'd been with her for long enough to feel safe with her. That was probably going to take a while, but it wouldn't take too much work, at least Terese didn't think it would - it wasn't exactly in her interests to abuse him.

"I...might be able to. Ah...if I might ask, what style of clothes do you prefer to wear?"

"Oh, trousers and shirts, with a jacket for warmth or on formal occasions. Tonio manages my wardrobe, but I'm sure he'll be willing to let you take over if you'd like to learn from him." She stood and began walking towards the bed. "And I know you prefer long dresses."

"Yes. I...the lace for my formal dresses was made especially for me, all at once, and my new dress used the last of it." So he needed more commissioned for him. Fair enough - it would probably take quite a while. "Are there any colours you particularly favour?"

"All my trousers and jackets are dark grey, dark blue, or dark green." She hoped that was enough information for Kim. "I don't like wearing black or brown myself, other than that I'm fairly indifferent."

"I see, don't mind me wearing brown?"

"Of course not. It suits you." She climbed onto the bed and knelt in front of Kim, kissing him and tugging the ribbon from his hair before sitting back on her heels. "Now, didn't we say something about you undressing me?"

"Yes Terese, I can do that for you. Might I kiss your breasts?" He placed his hands on her hips, skimming then up over her ribs to come to rest on either side of her breasts.

"Of course you may."

She let him urge her back up and forward until he could reach around her to loosen her bra and pull it forward down her arms. Once it was off he began touching her in earnest, stroking her ribs on one side, caressing her opposite breast with fingers and nails, and kissing her other breast, tongue and teeth teasing her nipple. She let herself moan with the pleasure Kim was inducing, forcing herself to remain passive otherwise. He glanced up at her, and she smiled down at him as he switched his mouth to her other breast, the hand that had been playing with it falling to stroke her ribs, and the other lifting to pet the breast his mouth had just left. She lifted one hand to cup the back of Kim's head, sliding the other hand down to open her trousers and slip inside her briefs. She rubbed her clitoris once, twice, thrice and climaxed, her other hand clenching in Kim's hair. She blinked her eyes open to see that she'd pulled his head back, and he was smiling up at her.

"I pleased you then?"

"Very much so." She smiled back, loosening her grip in his hair and stroked it, leaning forward to kiss him again. She pulled her fingers from her crotch, lifting them to her lips and drawing them into her mouth for a moment. "But I can go again easily - and pretty quickly, if you're willing to try?"

"Of course, if it would please you, Terese."

"Yes it would." She stroked the side of his face and pulled back slowly, giving him time to protest if he wanted to. When he stayed silent she moved away from him and began wriggling out of her trousers and briefs, tossing them aside in a tangle with her socks. "Where do you want me?"

"I...if you wish to lie down I would be grateful for the chance to taste you."

Kim gathered his skirts and began backing away, towards the edge of the bed, giving her room to do as he'd asked, and she did. At least partly, she pulled the pillows into a pile, so she could lie back propped up on them and watch Kim as he moved. He crawled between her legs, then lowered himself to his belly, and began using his tongue on her. He wrapped one arm over her thigh, fingers stroking the curve of her hip as he laved her with slow smooth strokes of his tongue. She shut her eyes and rested one hand on the back of Kim's head, playing with his hair. He shifted his technique and began focusing more on her clit, nudging under her hood with the tip of his tongue and working until she came again.

She hadn't pulled his head back this time, despite clenching her hand in his hair, as well as in the sheets, and he hadn't stopped working at her, although he had shifted to sucking at her clit, and the area around it.

"Yeah, you just keep on doing that for me, beautiful." She was sensitive, but not too sensitive to go again, and Kim hadn't let her come down completely. She opened her hands and lifted them to play with her breasts, cradling them and running her fingertips lightly over her skin before coming to circle her nipples. It was a pleasant counterpoint to Kim's skilled tongue between her legs, and she soon climaxed once more.

"Enough Kim." She pushed herself to sit upright, and reached down to offer Kim help in rising. Once he had his hands underneath his body she let go of him, and he pushed himself upright to sit back on his heels.

"Did I satisfy you Terese?" But there was a smile on his face, as if he knew her answer already.

"Very much so." She leaned forward, cupping his chin in her hands as she kissed him, tasting herself on his tongue. "Any suggestions about how I should undress you?"

" could start by removing my skirt if it would please you." He hesitated, glancing down before continuing. "Or you could lift my skirts and remove my stockings first if that would be more to your tastes."

"Skirts first I think." Something about the idea of just lifting Kim's skirts bothered her, and she couldn't quite figure out why. "I just need to loosen the cords lacing it closed, yes?"

"For the outer skirt, yes. The inner skirts simply fasten with buttons."

Kim moved in front of her, turning around to offer his back to her, glancing back over his shoulder with a smile as she moved forward, caressing his cheek and kissing him once more. She brushed his hair forward over his other shoulder, baring the nape of his neck again, even as he slowly turned his head away from her. She kissed the bared skin, then began unfastening those small buttons, working downwards, and stroking his pale gold skin as it was revealed. The cords were tied together at Kim's waist, and tucked underneath his skirt. She pulled the ends out from under the waistband, and untangled them a little, noticing that all six cords had been tied into a single knot. She untied it, and began loosening the laces in the skirt.

"Should I pull the laces right out, or do you want me to just loosen them enough to pull the skirt off?"

"Whatever pleases you best. I generally store my formal dresses unlaced, and keep the cords apart, but that is no reason for you to do more than you wish to now."

"I'll pull them right out then." It would be a lot easier for her that way, rather than trying to guess how much she had to loosen the laces at each crossing to let her get the skirt over Kim's head, or over his underskirts. When she had the cord free she put it to one side. "Lift your arms please." Kim obeyed silently, and she gathered the skirt and lifted it over his head. The first underskirt was a dark gold, close to brown, fastened by small buttons to the left of Kim's spine. She lifted six underskirts off over Kim's head in total, each one fastened a little further to the left: another dark gold, but true gold this time; then a medium gold; a light gold underskirt; one that could be either light gold or dark cream depending on what colour you saw it with, and finally a pure cream underskirt.

"Will you have problems packing everything away if I ask you to wear your casual dress tomorrow?"

"No Terese." Kim turned around to look at her, smiling as he answered. "I have room enough in my bag for two formal dresses, although I think both would need at least pressing afterwards."

"You might want to speak with the laundry company then. Stockings now?" She rested her hand on one thigh, just at the lacy top of his brown stocking.

"If it pleases you." He shifted his position as he spoke, opening his legs and stretching them out, one to each side of her.

She glanced down between his legs, noting that his groin was covered completely by a piece of leather that gave a smooth unbroken line, fastened in place by straps that went up over his hips and underneath his bodice. She'd ask about that later. Now she unfastened the clips on Kim's right stocking, and slowly rolled it down and off his smooth shaven leg, teasing behind his knee to win a soft gasp on the way down. She trailed her fingers back up his legs, barely touching his skin, watching how it made him shiver. She repeated her actions with his left leg, and traced the lower edge of his bodice where it cut across his stomach. There was a line of tiny buttons along the edge, and she couldn't resist the temptation to start opening them, only to be halted by Kim's hand on her wrist.

"Please will be more difficult to remove my bodice if you open those now." He was shaking again, and she could feel how his stomach had tensed under her hand. She turned her own hand to lift Kim's to her lips, kissing the back of it, and smiling at him.

"Then turn around please, so that I can finish undressing you."

"Yes Terese." Kim smiled and obeyed, curling his legs up to one side as he turned. Terese immediately began removing the cords from the back of the bodice, putting them with the first cord, and opening the back to stroke his pale gold skin. She slid her hands around his waist, underneath his bodice, and pulled him back against her, kissing the back of his neck and leaving his arms free to remove the last of his dress. He wriggled out of it, then shifted in her arms to turn and face her, wrapping his arms around her shoulders with a soft laugh. She kissed him, sliding one hand up to rest between his shoulder blades and tracing the indentations left on his skin with the other.

"Do you enjoy wearing the clothes that mark you like this?" He probably did since she'd seen his brothers dressed more comfortably.

"Yes Terese." He swallowed, audibly, pulling back as much as she let him, hands falling to his sides. "All my mother required was that I dress modestly, but I enjoy the shaping effect of a corset. Does it displease you to see me marked so?"

"Only if it means you've been hurt." She swept her hand down to rest on the straps of his odd leather undergarment. "Tell me what this is please."

"My chastity guard. It limits what use a woman can make of me, offering me some of the protection that belonging to you does now. My sister was kind enough to have it made specifically for me as I do not like the way the more usual chastity cages display a man's parts." And he'd implied that he wanted her to castrate him when he'd been talking about her marking him.

"I see." She released him, putting her hands on the sheets behind her. "Do you...feel that you should have been born a woman?"

"Of course not Terese!" He shook his head swiftly as he answered her, eyes wide. "Women are dominant, and I am not. I want nothing more than to belong to someone who will always take care of me." He bowed his head and lowered his eyes, wrapping his arms around his body.

"And I will take care of you, I promise that." She pulled Kim into her arms, kissing his forehead before continuing. "But that extends to more than just the physical. Does your body feel comfortable, natural to you?"

"No, no it doesn't." He shook his head against Terese's shoulder as he answered.

"Then I want you to see a therapist, and co-operate with her - or him if you think it would be easier to open up to another man. After a year, if you want it, and can tell me what you need, I'll arrange for whatever surgeries and treatments you need to make you feel comfortable in your body." No point in starting surgeries if Kim couldn't explain what would give him a body that felt natural to him after all.

"Thank you Terese." He lifted his head with a shaky smile. "Might I serve your pleasure again?"

"Not just yet." He needed time to recover, and Terese didn't want this to be all about her. "Didn't you promise to show me how your corset is incorporated into your dress?"

"Of course." He pulled back and turned to lift his bodice, placing it on his knees, the lower edge towards his body so he could unfasten the row of buttons there. Terese moved to sit beside him, wrapping an arm around his shoulders and watching his hands as he slid the corset out from between the layers of his bodice.

"How long does it take for you to dress in one of your formal dresses? And will I be enough help for you?" She didn't think that she would, but she might be wrong.

"Might I put my dress away while I answer?"

"Yes, of course." She needed to pick up her own clothes as well. Terese began gathering her clothes from where they were scattered over the bed, and Kim did the same thing.

"Thank you." Kim stood and began folding one of his underskirts as he spoke. "It took me roughly an hour to dress today, from getting out of the bath, until I was ready to do my make-up and hair. But half an hour of that was almost dead time, as my corsets need to be tightened in two stages to get the proper effect. And I only needed one brother to help me dress."

"Ah, then I suppose it takes almost as much time for you to dress in your semi-formal dresses?" Although she didn't understand just why the corset had to be tightened in two stages. But then she would never wear one, so it didn't really affect her.

"Yes, but I can do everything but fasten those dresses up by myself."

"I see." Terese stuffed her trousers into her bag and stood up, moving over to pick up the cords from Kim's dress. "Is there anything I can do to help you pack your dress away?" He might prefer it if she didn't try to interfere, but she didn't want to just watch him folding and tidying his clothes, and she didn't think he was ready to play more right now.

"Would you mind wrapping the cords together, and putting them in one of the inside pockets of my bag? And...maybe if you wanted to use what is under my chastity guard you could run a bath and I could please you there?" Was that a hopeful look on his face? She thought it was.

"That sounds good. Is the key your sister gave me supposed to unlock your chastity guard?" She couldn't think of anything else it could be for, not given that the woman had said she'd need it tonight.

"Yes, Terese, it is."

"Then bring it into the bathroom with you. And you can keep it from now on."

"Terese?" His head snapped up, and he stared at her, eyes wide.

"Are you attached to your chastity device? I won't forbid you to use it, but I don't have the time or inclination to micro-manage you that way. If you hold the key then you can take care of your hygiene without needing my attention. it something you can't unlock by yourself?"

"I can unlock it myself, trust that I will wear my chastity guard if I have the key?"

"You said you don't like looking at your groin." He should be able to follow her meaning, and she was certain he had enough honour to hold to their contract even without something compelling chastity. But then, he'd said it had been protection for him. "If it makes you feel safer then you can keep the key in a locked box in your bedroom." She began winding the cords around her fingers, watching Kim from the corner of her eye.

"Yes Terese. I know belonging to you is all the protection I need, but..." He trailed off, bowing his head and biting his lip.

"But you don't feel safe with only my name protecting you, not yet. I understand." She didn't like it, but she understood. She crouched by Kim's bag and opened it, looking for the pocket he'd mentioned, finding a set of cream cords already inside it, and moving those to the top. "Take as long as you need. I don't mind waiting." Most Raysons provided a jacuzzi in suites of this level so it wasn't as if the water was going to get cold while she waited for him.

Terese stood and walked through to the bathroom, looking around for the toilet. It was set in one corner and she used it, then started filling the jacuzzi while she took a quick shower, just drying her hands afterwards. She settled down in the tub, arms stretched out along the sides to keep her hands dry, and shut her eyes to think without outside distractions. There hadn't been any negotiations on their contract, and today had been the first time she'd had the chance to read it. It was disturbing, reading more like a concubinage indenture, than a consorting contract in a lot of ways, but Kim hadn't seemed to see any problems with it - he said he wanted to belong to her. Come to think of it, maybe making sure that his Family wouldn't take him back was the best thing she could do for him. It sounded as if no-one had bothered getting him any help dealing with his body issues, and that he wouldn't be allowed to have surgery to get his body to the point that he felt comfortable with it if he went back to the Scotts. But she'd said she would wait for him to ask, and more or less forbidden him to ask for a year...still, if he did ask for something less extreme than surgery or hormone therapy before then Terese would grant him his request. Decision made Terese let her thoughts shift to something more enjoyable to consider, planning out the next stage in her current favourite project.

"Ah...Terese?" Kim was shifting his weight uncertainly when she opened her eyes to look at him. He'd braided his hair again, but it didn't seem to be hanging as long as it had at dinner. He moved forward when she sat up a bit straighter, holding her own hand out to beckon him closer.

"Come here and let me unlock you." He put the key in her hand and she shifted to look more closely at the belt around his waist, finding two locks where the straps from the leather shield joined it. She unlocked them, pulling the straps out to let the shield dangle, and noted that he'd shaved his groin completely bare. "Where's the other lock?"

"Beside my spine." Kim turned around and presented the lock to her without further prompting. When she loosened the belt she frowned to see the deep red marks it had left on his skin. But she decided not to say anything about it just yet, not directly anyway.

"How often was this taken off while your Family held the key?"

"My elder sister holds the keys for all her brothers until we're taken as consorts." He turned partway back to look at her, positioning his legs to hide his groin as much as possible while he answered her. "She lets each of us have our key for two hours every week to deal with any hygiene issues and to masturbate, and she locks us in our quarters while we deal with that. And she's really considerate about checking on us before we dress and just before curfew to make any adjustments we need on a day to day basis. She decided to do the same for her consort when she chose him, and moved him into the same quarters as us to make it easier for her."

"Ah, I see." She wouldn't be able to keep up that level of involvement in something that disturbed her the way this did. "Put these out of the way, then if you want to you can use the toilet and the shower before joining me."

"Yes Terese." He obeyed and she leaned back to watch him moving around the room, her hands falling to brace herself on either side.

He managed somehow to keep her from seeing his genitals directly without seeming to think about it, or letting it interfere with his apparently effortless grace. It wasn't effortless, she knew better than to believe that after seeing some of the lessons Louis had taken with Jerome, but his grace was extraordinary, even compared to the other men the Scotts had offered for her to choose from. She glanced away from him when he sat down on the toilet, giving him an illusion of privacy. He showered as well, back to her, although he glanced over his shoulder at her and smiled as he washed himself with a swift efficiency. He finally turned back to her when he finished his shower, walking forward without bothering to towel himself off - not that there was any reason to when he was just going to climb into the jacuzzi with her.

And he did, settling himself opposite her and just looking at her, waiting for her to make the next move. He'd taken up a very constrained position, sitting at a slant, legs pressed together, arms wrapped around his own body. She leaned forward and took hold of one wrist, pulling him towards her and tucking him against her side so she could kiss his cheek. He let out a soft sound of contentment and leaned into her compliantly, hands folded in his lap when she released them.

"I'd rather you stop shaving your groin now that I've given you control of your chastity device."

"As you wish. Do you have a preference about how I remove the rest of my body hair then?" He glanced up at her as he spoke.

"No, do whatever you want about that." Although that did raise a question. "What do you usually do about your body hair?" And was there anything she needed to do to facilitate it for him?

"I shave and use depilatory creams, to minimise regrowth issues, but when it was certain that I was your choice of consort I was instructed to allow enough regrowth to make waxing easy in preparation for signing our contract." There was a faint frown on his lips as he continued. "I always understood that permanent methods weren't an option."

"Even if you wish they were?" She stroked down the side of his face from behind his ear to his throat as she spoke, enjoying the way he shivered and smiled in response.

"Yes, the facial hair if nothing else." He bit his lip briefly, and lowered his eyes in thought. "I...would you permit that, for me to have electrolysis to get rid of any beard or moustache I might grow, and to tidy my eyebrows?"

"If you asked me to." But he'd have to ask.

"Even though it would mean that you would have to continue taking care of me if you ever grew tired of me?" Something that simple was enough to make him unsuitable as any other woman's consort?

"Yes." She was tired of the discussion, of reassuring Kim, at least for now, and she turned to straddle him, hand sliding down between their bodies to stroke and tease his cock where it lay soft against her belly. "Touch me, please." She kissed him before he could reply, taking his mouth, her other hand curling around his neck as he lifted his hands to her waist.

He moaned softly into her mouth, one hand sliding down to cup her ass, while the other moved up to stroke the nape of her neck. He began to harden in her hand, slowly, and she stroked further down, playing with his balls. She moved away from his mouth, and gripped his braid to pull his head back and force him to bare his throat, so she could explore it with tongue and lips. He gasped softly, and slid his fingers up to play with her hair, stroking through the short curls carefully. She lifted up, letting go of his hair to guide him into her using both hands, then began moving slowly, hands braced at his hips, kissing his throat again, this time letting her teeth scrape lightly over his skin.

"Oh...please Terese, please." His fingers tightened convulsively in her hair and on her ass, and she bit down harder on his throat, hard enough to leave a mark, a bruise, but holding back enough to keep from drawing blood.

"Please what?"

"Take me...use me...please?"

"Oh, I am." She laughed and ground her hips against his before licking at the toothmarks she'd left at the base of his throat. He didn't say anything more, simply letting his eyes fall closed and moaning in pleasure. She swept one hand up Kim's side and back to grip his hair again, pulling his head back a little more while her other hand worked at her clit. She bit at his exposed throat, lightly while she had the control, and moved to sink her teeth into his shoulder as she came.

"...rry, I'm sorry, please don't be angry-" He was almost babbling when she could focus enough to understand him again.

"Hush." He fell silent at once. "What do you have to be sorry about?"

"Unless you tell me otherwise I'm supposed to wait for permission to come."

"Hmm. Is that something you were trained to do?" Tonio had apologised for not having that sort of training fairly soon after she picked him up.

", but...I think some of my cousins were, they talked about being punished for coming without permission, about putting on performances for women, or being lent to them for more than just hands and mouth, even before being taken as consorts."

"Hmmm. What degree of cousin were they?" She'd been given different training even to her siblings, and none of her more distant cousins had been trained with the idea of taking over the Family one day. And from her research the Scott men used to seal alliances or given to the women they adopted in tended to be fairly closely related to the Scott.

"Ah...fourth, or third once removed at closest. purity was more important than sexual skills then?"

"I suppose so." Neither of them really mattered to her. Sex was nice, but skill was something she could teach if she needed to, and it wasn't as if he'd have been put at risk of disease. She kissed the bite she'd left on his shoulder, licking the bruises already showing blue-purple against his pale skin, making him shut his eyes and shiver. "I think it's time for us to get out of here and dry off." He was still soft inside her and she was feeling pretty sated right now.

" you wish Terese. Do you want me to dry you down, or would you rather do it yourself?"

"Actually, I think I'd rather take care of you once I'm dry." She lifted a hand to trace his jawline on one side, kissing along the other.

"Oh." Kim lowered his eyes and waited as she climbed off him and out of the tub, not even watching her dry off quickly. She picked up another towel and held it open for him.

"Just step out into the towel." He obeyed, eyes still cast down and she wrapped the towel around him and began carefully drying him off. He leaned trustingly into her hold, letting her move him however she wanted to, and that was almost enough for her to consider playing a little longer, but only almost. "Do you want to put your chastity device back on now, or wait for the morning?"

"Now, please. I...if you don't want me easy to access in case you wake?"

"Go ahead, lock yourself in." She laughed a bit at the thought of easy access - that would be pointless given how hard it had been to arouse him. "Will you feel more comfortable in pyjamas, or a nightgown?"

"I would, but I didn't have room to pack pyjamas, in case you wanted me to wear the informal dress tomorrow." He wasn't looking at her, concentrating on his chastity device, colour rising in his cheeks.

"You could wear mine then." She liked the idea of seeing her consort wearing her clothes, even just nightwear. "Whatever makes you feel better. If you'd rather I wore them then I will."

"No...I'd like to wear your pyjamas. Should I leave my hair braided, or brush it out?"

"Whatever's most comfortable for you." The way he had his hair didn't look comfortable to sleep in to her, but it wasn't as if she'd ever had long hair, or wanted it. She pulled her pyjamas out of her bag and handed them over to Kim before getting into bed and watching him dress, and do something to his hair until it fell down his back in a single long braid before joining her.

Note: Kim is making a few unwarranted assumptions about his parents' relationship. His mother's decision was actually that his father would have a vasectomy when her second daughter was weaned, when she made the announcement, roughly three months into her pregnancy he asked if he could be castrated instead. She told him to have enough therapy to convince her it was a decision he'd made after careful consideration, and that if he did that she'd allow it when her second daughter was weaned. The only way a Scott male could get therapy of any type is with the permission of whichever woman is responsible for him.
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