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Story: After the Consorting
Pairing: F/m
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Kim comes from a background that is controlling of men at best, and abusive at worst. He identifies as male and was male assisgned at birth, but has always been uncomfortable with his own body and wishes to be at least partially female-bodied. If you're uncomfortable with the idea of transgender people or with a woman being in charge then I suggest you look elsewhere. There's also implications of near-slavery and financial coercion.
Word Count: Approx 12000 words
Summary: After signing their consorting contract Terese and Kim spend a night at a hotel to consummate it undisturbed. Terese discovers some unnerving information about Kim's background and assumptions.
Feedback: Welcome, but keep the criticism constructive

"You just sit down while I take care of things." Terese picked up the room service menu and glanced through it while the bellhop carried their overnight bags into the bedroom. "Is there anything you'd particularly like to eat, Kim?" Her new consort had obeyed her, and sat carefully on one of the chairs, and now he stopped fussing with his skirts to look up at her.

"Ah...seafood perhaps, if it would please you...Terese?" He folded his hands demurely in his lap, bowing his head once he'd finished speaking.

"I'm not allergic to it." And she did enjoy seafood, sometimes anyway. "Would you prefer brodetto, or seafood pie?"

"The seafood pie, please." He kept his head bowed as he answered this time, and Terese wished she could see what he was hiding behind his veil. But it was a brief irritation, and she turned her attention to the bellhop as he came out of the bedroom.

"Is there anything else I can do for you madam?"

"Yes. Thank you. Have room service send up two seafood pies, with the prosecco, and the lovers' sundae for desert, in around an hour." That wouldn't give her time to really enjoy Kim, but they would have enough time for a bit of fun at least.

"Yes madam. Do you want someone to come and serve you as well?"

"No, that won't be necessary." She didn't think she'd ever seen a Scott male eating in public, and she couldn't imagine how Kim could eat through that veil of his, so she wasn't going to embarrass him by making him take it off in front of a stranger. He'd been uncomfortable enough taking his veil off for her at first and it wasn't as if his shyness could hurt her reputation. "But thank you for asking." She gave the man a 100 sol tip as she shook his hand, and when she turned to look at Kim she could see him lifting one hand to his veil, as if to remove it. "Go ahead, Kim. We're alone now."

"Thank you." He removed his veil, and looked up at her, a soft smile on his painted lips, holding his veil in his lap, stroking and twisting it as he spoke, something even Terese could recognise as nervousness. "I...appreciate your concern for my modesty."

"You're welcome. Do you want to keep your veils then?"


"I'm a Terenev, we're known for being indulgent with our consorts. It won't hurt me if you want to keep wearing a veil in public." Especially since she was never going to be the Terenev, not even if Armand died, Morrigan grant it not. "But if you don't then I certainly won't force you to wear one." No matter how appealing she found the thought of keeping him just for her eyes. "You don't need to decide now, and if you need time to acclimatise gradually I'll let you have it. I'm glad to see you wearing the earrings I gave you." She changed the subject, trying to get him to relax a bit - she didn't have a taste for rape, and unless he relaxed a little, playing with him at all would be off the menu for tonight.

"I wouldn't insult you by not wearing them today. I...did choose an outfit that pleases you, didn't I?" Terese blinked at that, and paid full attention to what he was wearing for the first time that day. His dress today was brown, with overlaid lace in shades of gold covering the full skirt, and now that he was sitting she could see some of the petticoats peeping out near his ankles, in shades of gold and cream. The bodice was panelled, and closely fitted, with long sleeves and a high neck, with spills of golden lace at the cuffs and throat. And she hadn't noticed it before, but there was golden knotwork embroidered on each shoulder, knotwork that looked to be based off the earrings she'd chosen for him.

"Yes, you look beautiful. I'm very glad the alliance between our Families came up for renewal during my mother's tenure as the Terenev. Did you do something to change your hair? It looks redder than I remembered." Still a dark brown, but with a red tone to it that she was sure it hadn't shown before. Someone had done some elaborate braiding and pinned it up into a circle around the crown of his head, decorating it with a wide golden ribbon, with loops of really thin braids at the back, each decorated with a cream ribbon.

"Yes, cousins helped me use henna to dye it. Do you want me to let it down for you?"

"No, I'd rather do that myself. Would you like to move to the bedroom?" She moved forward to offer him a hand up as she spoke, a hand he accepted while he glanced at the bedroom door.

"Ah...if that would please you."

"I want to start unwrapping you, even if we don't get around to anything more tonight, and I thought you'd prefer the extra privacy." Terese smiled at Kim, lifting his hand to kiss the back of it, enjoying the way it made him blush.

"Oh, yes, I would. Thank you Terese."

"You're welcome. I'm supposed to take care of you after all." She rested a hand at the small of his back, using the excuse of guiding him into the bedroom to keep on touching him. She hadn't been allowed to touch more than his hands while she'd been making her decision on which of the Scotts she'd been offered she wanted, although his sister had asked if she wanted to try out his tongue - while she watched. There was something odd about the feel of the dress under her hand, it was stiffer than it looked, with ridges along the seams that she hadn't been able to see.

Terese left the door open, so that she'd be able to hear when their meal was delivered. She guided him to sit on the edge of the bed and knelt in front of him to remove his shoes, brown with a two inch heel, ignoring the faint frown on his face. Then she stood up and slipped her own loafers off as she joined him on the bed, wrapping an arm around him, and kissing his cheek.

"Are there any limits you want to set right now?"

"Limits? I...don't understand Terese." He wasn't stupid, she knew that from speaking to him before accepting him as her consort, but it was as if his brain had turned off at some point since then.

"If you'd prefer me not to undress you until after we've eaten I'm happy to go along with that. I don't want to make you uncomfortable; we're supposed to spend the rest of our lives together after all, so I don't need to force you into anything." It would be stupid of her to do that to him; even if their contract didn't give him much power there was no reason to make him miserable, not when it would affect how he reacted to her in the future. She wanted to be able to relax at home, have her consort comfortable and relaxed around her, she wouldn't get that if he didn't trust her, if he was scared of her.

"Oh." He lowered his eyes and bit lightly at his lower lip. "Thank you for being so considerate. I...would feel better if the only thing I risk strangers seeing is my face."

"When I've stayed at other Raysons and had room service they usually waited for me to say they could come in, but I understand - sometimes training is uneven across even the best hotel chains. Would you like to start undressing me as well?"

"If that would please you. Ah...the lace at my throat and neck isn't permanently attached to my bodice, so..."

"I see." She pulled away a little, so that she could lift Kim's hand to examine how the lace was fastened to the cuff, by a number of small buttons on the inside. "I didn't really think about how hard it must be to eat with cuffs like these." And so she began unfastening the buttons at once.

" is not that hard, I simply have to eat slowly, and take care in how I eat. I can eat wearing a veil as well, but I prefer not to."

"I expect it still distracts you from enjoying your food though." She finished with that cuff, and kissed the bared back of his hand. "I'm going to move round behind you now." He seemed nervous enough that a warning was probably a good idea. The back of his dress was really strange, laced up to a point two bandwidths below the nape of his neck with golden cord, then closed by small buttons to the top. "Did you need help in getting dressed in this?"

"Yes Terese. I...packed two clean dresses in my overnight bag, one like this, if you'd care to help me, and one casual dress that I can put on without any help at all."

"Hmm." She unfastened the top two buttons of his dress as she thought about it. "Have I seen you in a casual dress before?"

"No, you haven't Terese." He answered her quietly. "I normally only wear my casual dresses around my Family."

"But this is the most elaborate dress I've seen you in, isn't it?" She turned back the collar of Kim's dress, expecting to see the lace fastened to it by small buttons as it was at the cuffs, but instead finding it sewn to a wide golden ribbon choker, tied at the nape of his neck, with the ends tucked down along his spine. She untied it, and kissed the bared skin as she pulled the lace from his throat, putting it with the cuff she'd already removed and refastening those two buttons.

"Yes, this is the first time I've worn a formal dress in front of you. At least since we were introduced, you might have seen me before that at some of the parties my Family allowed me to attend."

"Maybe." She couldn't say, often the only real way to tell Scott men apart was how they dressed, and even then a lot of them dressed fairly similarly. What did she need to do to let Kim's hair down? There had to be something holding it up in position, and she was pretty sure the ribbon running through the main braid wasn't enough for that. "So, the dresses I've seen you in are what, semi-formal?" She began running her fingers along the braid, feeling for anything that might be holding it in place. "And you need help getting dressed in them?" She detected a hair grip, pushed in through part of the braid, and pulled it out as she spoke, shoving it in her pocket before starting to look for more.

"Yes, they're semi-formal. They button up at the back - I could get them made over with zips instead I suppose, but I wear corsets underneath them, and I need help to get those closed properly."

"Are you wearing a corset under this as well?" She'd pulled out enough pins that the three small braids had fallen from their loops, but the big braid was still held in place.

"Not under it, the corset is incorporated into the dress. I...if it pleases you I can show you when you've finished undressing me, or in the morning?" Was that an indirect request for her to give him some space once she had him naked? Terese decided to honour it as if it was, rather than take the chance of pressing him too hard.

"Yes, that might be a good idea." Not that she was particularly interested in how his clothes were made, as long as he was happy and looked good on her arm, but talking about his dresses seemed to relax him. The big braid finally fell loose, but Terese decided that she'd wait to undo the braid until she had Kim sitting on her lap, where she could kiss him properly. She moved to Kim's other side and began working on that cuff. "You aren't wearing your charm bracelet?"

"No, I didn't know if you would allow me to wear it."

"Of course you may wear it. As long as you dress well you can wear whatever you want." And she knew it was important to him, that each charm represented an important event or person in his life. "Would you like to look for a charm to represent our consorting with me?"

"If it would please you. And...I do not have a charm to represent you yet, Terese." That indirect request was oddly touching, and it reminded her of some of the more disturbing aspects of her contract with him.

"I'll get you one then, but how do I pick it, or do you do that?" Were there any particular rules she needed to follow in this? She wasn't going to deny Kim one last tangible connection to the Family of his birth, not given that she practically owned him now.

"However it pleases you. My mother gave me my first bracelet when I was ten, with the charms she had chosen to represent my parents and siblings, and it was usually my teachers who chose what would represent various achievements, but I have been permitted to choose the charms that represent more personal things."

"I won't ask you any more then." He would have gone into more detail if he was comfortable talking about it; she'd finished removing the cuff and handed it to him as a distraction. "Put this with the rest of the lace, then sit on my lap, straddle my legs and face me." While he obeyed she slipped off her jacket, laying it down carefully so the pins didn't spill out of her pocket.

" can I please you now, Terese?"

"Lean forward a moment." That brought his mouth in easy kissing range as she reached over his shoulder to pull his braids to the front. She kept her kisses almost chaste, just brushing her lips over his without trying to press for more. "You can sit back now." She stroked the side of his face as he pulled back, his dark eyes wide. "You can try to unfasten my shirt now if you want. Or if you'd rather you can wait until I've finished with your hair." He just nodded, and Terese began with one of the thin braids, unravelling it carefully. He just watched, waiting as she worked his hair free, putting the ribbons to one side, before finally running her fingers through his hair to let it hang loose in front of him, falling over his arm to pool on the bed beside her. He shut his eyes and smiled as she petted his hair, enjoying the texture of it, soft, smooth and fine compared to the dense curls of Tonio's hair.

"You're allowed to touch me back if you want to Kim."

"Yes Terese." He lifted his hands from the bed to rest on her hips, blinking with a frown on his face. "You...wanted me to undress you?"

"Yes, please." Maybe he'd feel more comfortable if she let him undress her first, and she didn't have any problems with her body. She reluctantly stopped petting his hair, letting her hands fall to her sides to give him access to her buttons, and was rewarded with a slightly uncertain smile. He skimmed his hands down over her stomach to the lowest button, opening it and working his way up slowly. He caressed her skin as he opened her shirt in silence.

"Terese, will you kiss me again? And...touch me? Please?" Kim's voice shook as he spoke, hands resting on her waist, underneath her shirt.

"Of course." She cradled his face in her hands as she kissed him, and this time he opened his lips beneath hers, offering his mouth to her. She took it, but she still held back a little, exploring his mouth slowly, coaxing his tongue into her own mouth. It was oddly appealing to have to coax her consort into responding to her advances, and her nipples were hurting just a little when she pulled back on hearing someone knocking outside.

"Terese?" At least Kim seemed to be as affected as she was. She caressed his cheek briefly before letting go of him, noting absently that she'd kissed off a lot of his dark lipstick.

"I need to go and get that." If she was as strong as Antoinette she could lift Kim off her lap, but she didn't think she had the leverage for that. "You just take care of our things while I deal with whoever it is." Probably room service with their food, so best get it while it was hot.

"Yes Terese." He bit his lower lip for a second, then kissed her quickly before standing up, looking almost frightened for some reason. She didn't have time to try and deal with that though - there was a second knock, louder, and she needed to get to the door.

"Should I set the table for you and your consort madam?" It was the same man who'd brought their luggage up for them, and he was as careful not to look below her neck as he had been to avoid looking directly at Kim before.

"Please do. We'll be sitting opposite one another." She rubbed absently at her breasts as the man set out their meal on the table, placing the desert to one side, at an equal distance from both plates.

"When would you like me to collect the plates madam?"

"Give us two hours, knock and just come in unless I tell you not to. I should have Kim back in the bedroom by then."

"She's shy then?"

"He is a Scott." And that should be more than enough answer for a stranger. If he didn't know what that meant then he could go away and find it out for himself, without bothering them any more.

"Thank you for informing me, madam. I should leave now then, so that he does not have to concern himself with my presence."

"Yes, that would be a good idea. Thank you." She watched him leave before she opened the bedroom door to call Kim out. He'd tied his hair out of the way at the nape of his neck with one of the ribbons and was just turning away from the dressing table. "We're alone now."

"Thank you Terese. Ah...I've got some wipes if you want to clean my lipstick off."

"Why don't you come and do that for me?" She wanted him to be comfortable touching her, and this would do for a first step. He nodded silently and turned back to the table for a moment before coming up to her and cleaning her face, frowning slightly in concentration. She let him step back when he'd finished, despite the temptation of holding him close, and kissing him again, and guided him past the rubbish bin to the table where she held his chair out for him.

"Thank you Terese." He glanced up at her with a smile as he spoke, nuzzling against her hand when she brushed it against his cheek.

"You're welcome. I'm not likely to do this for you at home, or if Tonio's with us, because it's not really fair to him if I only offer these courtesies to you, or make him wait. But I thought you'd like it." She sat down herself as she spoke.

"I do. know that Scotts tend to have more sons than daughters?"

"Yes, is it something to do with all the women they adopt in?" Terese did wonder if they managed that by adjusting the times they had reproductive sex, or by using selective spermicides.

"I suppose so, but I'm just a man. The Family dines formally once a week, but not all the men and boys are invited, only the consorts, and one unattached brother or cousin for each woman or girl old enough to join them. And as a rule that's the only time Scott women hold the chairs for the unclaimed men."

"I see." And she realised that Kim was waiting for something before he started eating. "Do you follow a rule about some sort of prayer before you eat, or were you just waiting for me to start?"

"For permission, more than anything else. And...I don't know how you do a lot of things."

"Well, you don't need to wait for permission to eat with me." The idea was a bit disturbing, even Tonio had never thought he needed permission to eat. Terese took the first bite of her pie in the hope of prompting Kim to start eating himself. It worked and she decided that now was as good a time as any to bring up the financial issues she'd noticed.

"Kim, our contract only mentions your dowry specifically - am I correct to assume that means you have a dowry instead of a trust fund, and no other substantial property?"

"Yes Terese, that is correct - unless my jewellery counts as substantial property?"

"I doubt it. Do you feel you need my permission to wear it now that you are my consort?" Given that he hadn't been sure he was allowed to wear his charm bracelet Terese felt pretty sure in her guess.

"Yes, Terese. I do not mean to insult your generosity, but...I cannot presume on it either."

"Well, you have my permission to wear whatever jewellery pleases you. Do you have any sort of bank accounts?"

"No, Terese." He shook his head, looking down at his plate, before glancing up at her with a faint smile. "But...I do know what types of accounts are available and how to use them."

"Good. I give Tonio an allowance, and I want to invest your dowry and pay the income from that into an account under your control. I'll give you some directly, to give you money to use until there's some income for you, but most of it will be invested. Do you have any preferences about how I invest it, or about what sort of account I set up for you?"

"I don't know enough to make suggestions about investments. I...if you intend to give me access to a substantial amount of money at once I'd like at least two accounts, a current account, and an instant access savings account. But I don't quite understand why you would."

"Because I want you to have some independence, and I don't want to have to give you the money you need every single time you need or want to buy something. I don't expect you to understand the details of your investments, or manage them yourself, but I do want to know if you'd rather I went for something that keeps your capital safe, but gives a lower income and won't give you much, if any capital growth, or if you want me to take some risks for more income and some capital growth."

"Oh." He bit his lower lip for a moment, as he looked down at his plate. " isn't really my decision, but...I would rather avoid risks." She wasn't going to object to that, especially since it let her be somewhat lazy in how she invested for him. "What would you expect me to buy for myself?"

"Make-up, toiletries, if you want something different to the stuff I use." And he probably would, Tonio certainly did. "I'll pay for your clothes, if you can give me contact details for whoever makes them now, and tell me when you need new dresses. But I expect you to pay for the materials for any hobbies that need them - books if you like reading, whatever you need for any crafts you enjoy, or any unusual ingredients if you like cooking or baking."

"Jewellery?" His head was tilted slightly to one side, and there was a smile playing across his lips as he lifted the last bite of his pie on his fork.

"If you want it and you have the money for it, of course. I won't interfere in how you spend your own money - and it is your money no matter what our contract says." She wasn't going to give Armand or Antoinette any reason to even think that she was abusing or taking advantage of Kim, and she certainly didn't have the time to micromanage him the way he seemed to expect.

"Thank you." He put his fork down and looked away from her, seeming to focus on their desert instead. "Have you decided how to mark me as yours then?"

Mark him? How had Kim come to that conclusion? Terese bought a few moments to work it out by moving their empty plates to one side and putting the lovers' sundae between them. And then she remembered that clause she'd skimmed over about how much of his dowry she was allowed to keep under various circumstances if she decided she no longer wanted Kim as her consort, as well as the modifying clause she'd almost missed. The one stating that if she altered his body irreversibly it would remain her responsibility to support him in the event of contract breech or dissolution, and she would not be obliged to return his dowry to the Scott Family whatever the circumstances.

"This wouldn't keep me from returning as much of your dowry as I needed to under a contract breech on my side." Because even if Kim claimed breech due to her abusing him she would only have to return 90% of his dowry. "Are you asking me to mark you somehow?"

"It isn't my place to ask." He shook his head quickly before bowing it. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to presume."

"I'm not angry. If you want me to mark you somehow in a year tell me, and I will. But I won't unless you ask, and I don't want you to rush into this. Not when it could cost you your Family." She reached across the table and took hold of his hand, lifting it to her lips for a brief kiss. "Are you comfortable telling me what you expected me to do to you?"

"I...if it would please you."

"As long as it won't upset you then I'd like to know. Would you like some time to think about it? We can start on desert while you do that."

"Yes, I would. Thank you." He smiled again as he picked up his spoon, eating in small bites for a few minutes before he seemed to come to a decision about what to say. "When my cousins were chosen by a woman they would often have a tattoo or brand to show off in private shortly afterwards. And Scott consorts are always given the hormonal treatments needed to stimulate lactation, often leading to the development of breasts, during their sire's first pregnancy."

"Freeing the mother from the necessity of keeping her children close in case they needed feeding. That makes sense." But unlike her mother Terese wouldn't be able to continue her work, not the part of it that she loved, while pregnant.

"Yes Terese. And...once she had all the children she wanted my mother had my father castrated."

"Why?" Contraceptive implants worked well, and there weren't really any side-effects, but even if she hadn't wanted to go back to those, or take the time off to be sterilised herself, a vasectomy would be simpler.

"I don't know." Kim shrugged gracefully. "It pleased her, and that is all that mattered."

"Are you telling me that you wouldn't be upset if I made a similar decision?" She couldn't hide how unbelievable she found the idea, but Kim met her eyes with an unexpected calmness.

"It would be your right. You do not wish to have children. Your pleasure slave is a castrato. My sister favours me more than she should. And my mother gave me the name her mother carried before she was adopted as a Scott." So...he'd thought she might want to castrate him, and he wanted her to think the Scott and her heir cared enough to keep him from her if they thought she'd abuse him. And...he might be right, his sister had certainly made sure there was at least one Scott woman there to chaperone Kim every time Terese had met him. Her mind still shied away from contemplating the full implications of what he'd told her.

"I see. Are there any other possibilities you'd considered?" She didn't think he'd have imagined anything more extreme than castration, but if he had she wanted to know.

"Well, I'm told that women often want to circumcise their consorts. I think it is because can be hard to clean down there."

"That makes sense. Are there any Scott traditions that you'd like to still observe?" Hopefully that would be a lighter topic of conversation for him.

"Nothing besides my charm bracelet and the traditions around it." He shrugged one shoulder.

"Is there anything you need for those traditions, besides new charms when you need them?"

"Access to a good camera if that's possible."

"Will a digital camera work? Mine's got 50 megapixels and you're welcome to borrow it. If you need a more traditional camera then I can take you to buy one for yourself one weekend, but it isn't something I have any experience with." She knew that some artists used old fashioned cameras because they preferred the extra control that developing the pictures themselves offered.

"No, a digital camera would be perfect. I...most of us keep a record of what each charm represents along with a photograph of it. After we die the record is usually made into a book and stored with the bracelet in the Family archives."

"Ah, you keep it as a file on your computer - multiple back-ups, or just one?" No-one failed to keep at least one back-up of whatever was most important to him.

"Two electronic back-ups, a card and a stick. And I have it all printed out and stored in a folder as well."

"Very thorough of you." She approved of his precautions, as far as they went. "But I can help you do even better if you want." She kept a back-up harddrive in her safe-deposit box, and she had an online vault she could allow Kim limited access to.

"You...don't mind me still keeping the record then?" He bit his lower lip again, avoiding her eyes.

"No. It's a very good idea - our own archive is far more focused on the Terenevs themselves, rather than incorporating the experiences of the more distant members of the Family. If you predecease me I will have at least two copies made, one for myself, and one for the Terenev Family archive - three if you want me to send a copy with your bracelet back to the Scotts."

"Please, if the Scott wants it then send it. We...most Scott men who are consorted out either don't want to, or are not permitted to keep on with this tradition, and their history is lost to us, to the Scotts, but I know that some Scotts say that it doesn't matter, because they, no, because we have been given to another Family..."

That sort of rejection had to hurt, even if Terese couldn't help feeling she'd taken him away from what sounded like it could become a pretty abusive environment. She let her spoon drop to the table as she stood, moving around the table to kneel beside him and take his free hand. He turned his whole body and looked at her, eyes wide and lips parted, as she slowly kissed his hand.

"Don't you think that might be because they don't want to admit that it is a loss, not to have the history of the men who must go to another Family?" It was the only way the Scotts had to form the strongest alliances as there were no Families more matriarchal than they were.

"I...that's a nice thought." He smiled again, and leaned forward a little, putting his own spoon down as if he'd only just remembered it, and resting his hand in his lap. "There isn't much of our desert left, could we leave it and move back to the bedroom?"

"If you're ready for me to finish undressing you, then yes." Terese kissed Kim - he seemed to be inviting it - and stood, before helping him up by the hand she still hadn't released. She let go of him once he was on his feet and pulled out a 50 sol bill to leave on the table as a further tip before following Kim towards the bedroom.

The fic's too large for a single post, so you can find the rest here
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