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Title: The Seasons of Conscription Part 1
Fandom: Homestuck
Characters: Sollux/Eridan,
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Consent issues, discussion of slavery, mpreg

"Fertile Lord, I beg audience." Sollux's voice shook as he dropped to his knees in front of Eridan. He was a coward, and a whore, offering himself to Eridan like this, but...Feferi wasn't going to win, defeat the Condesce. And he'd been too free with his psionics, he'd end up in a helmscolumn for certain if he didn't have someone powerful enough to protect him.

"Granted. Here?" Eridan glanced around the beach with a slightly smug smile. Most of their friends were already staring at them, especially Feferi, and Sollux wished he kept his hair long enough to hide behind. He took a deep breath, steadying himself to answer, trying to keep his lisp under control.

"Wherever it pleases you, Lord."

"But I don't knoww wwhat you wwant to ask, howw privvate it is, or should be." Eridan reached out a lazy hand and stroked one huge finger down the side of his face. Sollux shivered, but forced himself to nuzzle against that finger in a parody of affection. He swallowed hard before he answered, trying to ignore the almost cruel smile on Eridan's face.

"I come to petition entry to your harem, Fertile Lord." Suddenly he was looking at Eridan's knees.

"Yeah, that's pretty damn privvate." He held a hand down, and Sollux let the bigger troll lift him to his feet. "Hey Gam, mind lendin' us a room?"

"You just go ahead and grab any room you want Eribro."

"Thanks Gam." Eridan strode off towards the hive, ducking under the top of the doorframe, and Sollux followed him, almost running to keep up. Eridan paused in the first block, then decided on where to go, bringing Sollux to an almost empty block.

"So...wwhich harem wwere you offerin' for?" Eridan dropped to the floor as he spoke, stretching out carelessly.

"Whichever you want me in, Lord." He wasn't going to piss Eridan off by skipping the title, no matter how much he hated using it. If Eridan accepted him he'd have to get used to it, and if he didn't...helmsmen weren't allowed to speak, they rarely managed to remain trolls, not mindwiped batteries.

"Convvince me then. Provve that you wwant me." Eridan rolled onto his back, legs falling open, and eyes shut. "You do wwant me, don't you?"

"I do, Lord." Sollux didn't know where to start. He'd thought...weren't breeders supposed to take charge? Or did Eridan want Sollux to service him? He hesitated then knelt beside Eridan and leaned forward to kiss him, licking at his lips tentatively. But...Eridan stayed impassive under his touch, and Sollux pulled back, frantically trying to work out what to do. "Eridan?"

"Did you think I was going to make this easy for you?" Eridan opened his eyes, looking at Sollux with a hint of contempt. "I didn't think you wwere stupid until noww. Then again maybe it's just because you're too lowwblooded cowwardly to really go after wwhat you wwant." He laughed harshly when Sollux flinched at that, his own thoughts coming from Eridan's mouth. "Unless you're just pretending to wwant me, to savve your skin. Are you that much of a wwhore Sol?" He pushed himself up to a half sitting position, a sneer twisting his lips. "Wwhat makes you think I'd evven wwant someone too wweak to take the initiativve wwhen it's fuckin' offered to them?"

Somehow Eridan had managed to tip him into anger. He wanted Sollux to take what he was offering? Then he would. He slammed Eridan back down hard, using his psionics, red power wrapping around each of the breeder's limbs, splaying them out, like some sort of animal for dissection.

"A bit better. But I'm still not impressed." But he was struggling, Sollux could feel it through his psionics, so Eridan had to be bluffing. "What do you think you can do to me now that you have me?"

"Thith." He forced Eridan's mouth open with his blue psionics and kissed him again, biting his lips this time, and forcing his tongue into Eridan's mouth. He kissed back, pushing his own tongue forward, into Sollux's mouth, responding at last. His tongue was large enough to almost choke Sollux, and he could taste Eridan's blood in his mouth, but somehow he managed to avoid Eridan's teeth. He pulled back, panting, and climbed on top of Eridan, kneeling on his stomach.

"That all you got the courage for?" Eridan smiled up at him, still infuriatingly confident about this, contempt still colouring his voice.

"No." Red power ripped Eridan's clothes to pieces, stripping him in seconds. The bastard was glorious, sleek planes of muscle laid out underneath him, marked with the slightest of burns from Sollux's power, and he was still smiling. Sollux slapped him across the face. He put his full strength into it, but all he managed was to rock Eridan's head to the side a little. And then he laughed.

"You're doin' better noww. Good boy."

"Thhut up!" Sollux hit Eridan again, wishing he dared use his powers for this too, but even if Eridan wanted a bed slave with spirit there was no way he'd let Sollux mark him anywhere people would see.

"Make me." Another laugh, and Sollux gathered the scraps of Eridan's clothes, knotting them together into a ball that he stuffed into the breeder's big mouth. Eridan's bulge was pressing against his ass, and Sollux slowly climbed off him, finally glancing down to see it. Fuck, it was huge, as big as his wrist at the head, tapering to the size of his ankle at the base. No wonder Eridan wasn't worried about being taken - Equius wouldn't be able to handle that thing. And how was Sollux going to be able to satisfy Eridan when he let the breeder take him in?

He stripped, quickly, trying to hide his worries, enjoying the blessed silence. Eridan openly ogled him, even gagged with the rags of his clothes. Was he mocking him? Sollux knew he was a skinny twig, he'd just hoped Eridan would protect him, whatever it cost Sollux, even if Eridan just wanted a toy. And now he didn't really know what to do next.

He sat crosslegged beside Eridan, resting one hand on his chest, and gripping his nearer horn tightly with the other. He whined through his gag, tensing and going limp, again and again. It looked incredible and Sollux could feel his own bulge slowly emerging at the sight of Eridan shaking.

He released Eridan's horn, and he went limp, head falling back and baring his throat. Sollux climbed back onto Eridan, sitting on his near thigh, wrapping his blue psionics around one horn, and the red around the other. This time Eridan began shivering, tiny tremors running down his body.

"Tho hot, big thtrong breeder trembling under me." He raked his claws down Eridan's side, over the skin covering his gills, and shoved two fingers into his nook. It was tighter than he'd expected, and Eridan arched into his touch, clenching around his fingers, moaning through the gag.

He licked the hot purple blood from his claws, slowly, letting Eridan see just how flexible his tongue was, and moved to kneel between the breeder's legs. He pushed into Eridan, hard and fast. How could he be so tight? And he got tighter, pulsing around Sollux, until he spilled inside Eridan, and Eridan spilled all over them both.

"Wath that what you wanted ED?" Sollux told himself that his voice was shaking because he'd just pailed someone. Not because - other than being taken in - he'd just dommed the fuck out of a sea breeder. He still pushed away from Eridan, pulling out and moving away.

He cried out and collapsed when Eridan moved, almost effortlessly breaking the psionic bonds. Eridan rolled onto his elbow, looming over Sollux, spitting out the gag, and rested his free hand on Sollux's ribs.

"Yeah, just wwhat I wwas looking for." He ran his hand down Sollux's side and leg, almost shockingly gentle. "I don't wwant a kismesis to be a passivve vvessel for my hate and contempt."

"Kithmethith?" He thought Eridan was a traditionalist. He certainly enjoyed it when strange lowbloods went all formal and submissive at him. "You're a radical?"

"Just a little progressivve. I blame Fef." She was probably the only one who could talk him into seeing how easy he had it, even if they weren't in a quadrant any more. The only thing more radical than calling Sollux his kismesis would be naming Karkat as his matesprit. "I don't enjoy black sex wwith slavves and kismesis is enough to protect you. Givve me your hand." Sollux held out his right hand and Eridan wrapped a gold chain with two charms around his wrist, wrapping three times before fastening it off. "You get that I'm not goin' to roll ovver for you like this all of the time?"

"Yeth. And I'll still have to learn how to be a helmthman. I can handle that." But it would just be the techniques, not the obedience conditioning, not when he belonged to Eridan. And Eridan wouldn't put him into a column, not permanently.

"Good. 'Cause the only thing that wwould keep you from learnin' the techniques is bein' in my black harem. And evven then is wwould be kind of wweird. Matesprit wouldn't keep Fef or Kar safe, they'd havve to be my red consorts." Eridan pushed himself up into a sitting position as he spoke, and Sollux slowly copied him.

"You're allowed two red conthortth?" He thought consorts were supposed to be like quadrants, only slaves, one each red and black.

"It's odd, but legal. A lot closer to traditional than progressivve, and usually means at least one wwas promoted from the harem. Either of them agrees I wwon't need a red harem - but if Tavv needs it I'll keep a space for him. I'll do that if they'vve both got other plans too, just pick out the rest from the offers I'vve already had."

"GZ might not like that." Eridan had stopped trying to pick fights when he'd come into his full growth.

"Then he needs to figure out howw to protect Tavv himself. It isn't like no one shares their concubines. Some of us evven share our consorts - usually a black consort wwith a matesprit, but..."

"Are you really thaying you'd let me pail FF if thhe wath your red conthort?" Eridan wasn't that generous.

"It's kind of vvicious, but yeah. Especially if you make a showw of being furious wwhen you 'find out' she's agreed to be mine. And of course sneakin' into my harem to pail one of my red consorts is a huge insult, but it's this really dramatic display of your skills too."

"Tho what, you're athking to playact thith epic kithmethitude? And what happenth when thomeone elthe catcheth me?" Had Eridan even thought about how dangerous what he was asking had to be for Sollux? He didn't know what the punishment for sneaking into a breeder's harem was, and he didn't really want to.

"You'll be handed ovver to me. I'll keep you in my quarters for a feww days - unless your superior has the guts to tell me he still needs you to wwork. Wwhen I let you out you'll havve bite marks and bruises to showw off and a limp you can't hide." Eridan's voice had gone deep and husky and Sollux swallowed back on his arousal. Suddenly he felt like Eridan had cheated him by allowing him so much control earlier. "And the more we play up our relationship, make it about you, not Fef, the safer she is. It looks like less of a powwer play that wway - at least less of the sort of powwer play the Empire cares about. I'll still get pressure to geld her, but if you don't havve an official matesprit and I lend her to you wwhen the drones come looking..."

"Do I ever get to win where people can thee it?" He was being ungrateful and he knew it. Eridan had just saved him from a pilot's rig without enslaving him.

"I'd look wweak if you didn't." He lifted one hand and pointedly studied his wrist. "Do you realise howw much of an insult it is to leavve your kismesis unmarked?" He laughed and reached for his sylladex. "But that isn't the sort of vvictory people notice."

"I thought I wath auditioning for your harem." And slaves didn't get to leave marks on their masters, not where anyone would see them. "You didn't mark me up either. Did you want me to mark you up?"

"Not noww." Eridan laughed as he logged on to his husktop. "Wwho do you really think wwon this time?" Sollux felt heat flare in his cheeks. Their friends had all seen him begging to be in Eridan's harem, and now he was wearing a black concubine's chain, even if it was around his wrist, not his neck. "If I can't keep you under control I deservve marks to showw for it. I'm a breeder, we heal better and faster than you half sterile types." He'd have to work out what else he could do to beat Eridan, but the sea troll sounded like he really did want something mutual. Even so Sollux couldn't quite hide his suspicions; the breeder was being too generous, it felt almost like he was taking pity on Sollux.

"Do you even hate me Eridan? Or am I jutht convenient for you?"

"Oh yes, I hate you. I hate howw you ignore and neglect your friends for your precious codin' but no-one evver seems to care. I hate the wway that you wwalloww in your owwn feelin's, your self-hatred and ignore howw much Fef does to try to make you happy. I hate that you're one of the twwo trolls I can talk technical stuff wwith and that you're the better choice. I hate that you're the only one of our friends wwho didn't treat me differently right after I started to hit my full growwth and wwhen you needed my help you still offered slavvery, not rivvalry. And most of all I hate howw arrogant and careless you'vve alwways been wwith your psionics, like you nevver considered you might havve to fight wwithout them, or hide that you had them. But do you hate me, do you evven wwant me?"

"Yeth, of courthe I want you. Who wouldn't?" He was magnificent, even if Sollux didn't like admitting it. "And I do hate you. I hate how you make everything about you, how you jutht don't get that the retht of uth have bigger problemth, or care. I hate that you've got planth to protect all of uth who need it, but you've kept it thecret. And most of all I hate that I have to be grateful for it, that you're protecting me and leaving me free and even promithing to let people thee me beating you thometimeth."

"Tavv came to me. That's wwhat got me started thinkin' about this. It's not formal because he's hopin' Gam'll figure the alternativve out for himself. I don't wwant to havve to force anyone to pail me. Here, you need to fill in your owwn details." He turned his husktop over to Sollux, and Sollux began reading through the form. If he made a mistake he'd be taken into custody and delivered to Eridan as a black concubine. Along with anyone else who matched the information he provided.

"What happenth if your information wath wrong?"

"It's assumed to be a hackin'. If the info's wrong on the proposed kismesis, or he's already got a kismesis of her own nothin' happens. If I don't already havve a registered kismesis wwe both get 'Congratulations on your neww kismesis' messages, and I'm prompted to order a bracer for her. He does get to register an objection though, but it has to be inside three nights."

"You mean I could havve thtarted with a win?" An unqualified win at that. "And you don't get to thay no?"

"Anyone wwith the guts to pull somethin' like that deservves a chance. And evven in a normal kismessitude you get accidental deaths sometimes." When'd Eridan get so scarily pragmatic? "It only works for a kismesis of course, not a matesprit, and any black concubines I already have get reclassed as red. Anywway, once you're properly registered as my kismesis wwe'd both get a notification if anyone tried that. Be up to us to decide wwho deals wwith it."

"Deal with it?" Was Eridan saying he'd let Sollux fight over him like he was some sort of prize slave? He submitted his information and numbly handed the husktop back to Eridan.

"Interloper'd havve to end up dead or crippled and in my harem. It depends on the situation really. I'll order the double spade design for your bracers. There's a feww options for putting your sign on too. You wwant that?"

"Yeth! Could you put it on twithe, pleathe?" He was being ungrateful again, but Eridan just laughed and turned the husktop so he could see the screen.

"I wwas thinkin' one of these." Both pictures were of the open side, and his sign was there four times, in each corner. On the right hand the signs were all in Sollux's blood colour, almost invisible against the gold, on the other picture his signs were scarlet at the narrower end and blue at the wide end. "Do you care wwhich one I go wwith?"

"How ith the yellow an inthult?" He could see why outsiders would think the red and blue were an insult - only their friends knew they were his colours.

"It's the subtlty. Most trolls wouldn't see the insult."

"And they wouldn't notithe my thign either. Are you expected to inthult me with thith?"

"I can't compliment you by adding your sign unless there's an insult there, no. I don't havve the status to be too unconvventional yet. The usual way'd be to put evverythin' in my blood colour. You're expected to return the insult if you can wwith wwhatevver you get to lay claim to me." Right, as Eridan's kismesis Sollux got to lay some sort of claim to him as well. How could he do that?

"The red and blue pleathe." Anyone who saw him use his psionics would know that it was more commpliment than insult. And he could return that insult more easily with a ring or something than he could the yellow. Eridan nodded and selected the bracer Sollux had asked for, the clkosed the programme and looked at him.

"You might wwant to go clean up before returnin' to our friends." It was a dismissal, almost an order, but Sollux wanted to talk to their friends first anyway..
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