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Title: In the Seasons of Conscription Part 5
Fandom: Homestuck
Characters: Sollux/Eridan, Sollux/Feferi, Eridan/Karkat
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Consent issues, discussion of slavery, mpreg

Sollux couldn't focus on anything, he alternated between pacing and glaring at the expensive husktop Eridan had sent with his bracer. It was precisely within the restrictions of what he could bring with him on conscription, the sort of quality only a highblood could get his hands on. When was Feferi going to troll him? He knew they'd planned to have Eridan 'force' her into his household tonight. So when would it happen, when would he get to 'find out' about it and make a scene? Fighting with Eridan was always great, especially now that he had at least a little claim on him.

cuttlefishCuller [CC] began trolling twinArmageddons [TA]
CC : Solelux kelp!
CC : -Eridan's netted me!
CC : I went to s)(ow )(im my ring, tell )(im we're matesprits.
CC : )(e said I was trying to get you krilled!
CC : Then )(e told me I was )(is conc)(ort and locked me up!
cuttlefishCuller [CC] stopped trolling twinArmageddons [TA]

Was she really as panicked as she sounded? Sollux barely remembered to lock his door behind him, before he started flying for the gethering centre where Eridan was auditioning his concubines. He stormed in, pushing obstacles out of the way with his psionics.

"Where'th Eridan Ampora?" The tealblood at the desk didn't even look at him.

"You need to present your invitation if you're one of his guests."

"We're in a quadrant." He stuck his wrist in her face, showing off his bracer. It was oddly satisfying to have power to flaunt over her, see the way she flinched at the sight. "Now where ith he?"

"The dance room...sir." She didn't like using the honorific to him. "Through the doors to the right, down to the end and then turn left."

He followed the directions, and threw the doors open to reveal Eridan sitting on a fucking throne, reading a book.

"ED! FF told me what you did to her!" He threw a bolt of power at Eridan's feet to get his attention.

"She should havve knowwn better than to trap you like that and then boast about it to me. I'm not goin' to let some harembait wiggler get my kismesis culled." He put his book to the side and stood as he spoke, stepping down from the dais. "You lot, clear a space." The cripples around them were already pulling back, leaving space for Sollux to stride forward.

"Let FF go! You only want her becauthe thhe'th my matethprit." Power flared in his hands as he yelled at Eridan. "I won't let you keep her!"

"You're my kismesis. She can't name you her champion - if she's evven got the guts or the brains to challenge my claim." He moved forward into the space left open, almost stalking towards Sollux. "Don't wworry Sol. I'vve let her keep the ring you gavve her. I'll be wwillin' to share her wwith you - if you still wwant to admit to bein' invvolvved wwith her you can pail her for the drones."

Sollux screamed in fury as he attacked, bolts of power aimed at Eridan's chest and head. The breeder threw himself forward into a roll, coming to his feet far too close to Sollux, a snarl on his lips. Sollux threw himself away, covering his retreat with another bolt of power, aimed at Eridan's feet this time as he remembered that he was supposed to lose this fight. He focused on staying out of Eridan's reach, dodging, or lifting into the air, throwing bolts of psionic power at him whenever he got the chance. Eridan dodged most of his bolts, but Sollux caught him once or twice - lower power now, he wasn't trying to kill Eridan now that he wasn't seeing tyrian.

Eridan leapt and caught him, pulling Sollux down to the floor with him and cuffed him across the back of the head. Sollux felt his psionics fizzle away, and went limp, letting Eridan throw him over his shoulder and carry him away.

He opened his eyes after Eridan had dumped him on something soft but unyielding. He rolled over and pushed himself up onto his elbows, glaring at his kismesis. Eridan sat down on the concupiscent couch beside him, pushing him back down with one hand on his chest.

"Stay dowwn Sol. I wwon this time - didn't I?"

"Yeth, you did. You won everything." It took him at least an hour to recover full use of his powers. "What are you going to do now?"

"I told you I'd share Fef wwith you." He began stripping Sollux as he spoke; Sollux didn't fight it, just let the breeder move him like some sort of doll. "Wwe can start noww. Prepare your nook."

"ED...what?" That didn't make any sense, Eridan was way too big for him. And he was standing up, moving away from Sollux.

"Or I can havve Fef do it if you'd rather." He was smiling now, sharp teeth showing in open threat. "That might be a better idea anywway." He wanted having Sollux to take Feferi in? They hadn't said anything about this - not to Sollux at least, and Feferi wouldn't have agreed to something like that without telling him about it.

"You can't make me do that to my matethprit." He was shaking his head at the horrifying idea. "It'th perverthe!"

"I can use my consort any wway I wwant to - and if that includes havvin' her servvice you? That's my perogativve." He turned away and unlocked a door, walking inside and coming out with Feferi under one arm. "Wwhy're you complaining?" He tossed her onto the couch and came to sit beside Sollux's head. "It's not like you're goin' to get nook action any other wway." He stuck his fingers in Sollux's face, wriggling them in front of him - Sollux got the message, and as soon as he got the chance he'd clip those claws down until they bled and ride them to completion, pin Eridan down, fully dressed and leave him unsatisfied.

"Erifish, water you glubbing about?" Feferi pushed herself up onto her knees, frowning at the two of them.

"Showwin' you your place. You belong to me noww, Fef." Eridan was smiling again, reaching over to bury his hand in Feferi's hair, posturing, and suddenly Sollux realised why. "That means that my kismesis - the troll you almost got culled - outranks you. I wwant to see your tongue in his nook, noww."

"Wait ED. Pleathe?" Sollux let himself beg - it was what anyone watching would want and expect to see, and it was for Feferi.

"Wwhat is it Sol?"

"Let me kith her firtht, pleathe?" And maybe explain it to her in a whisper.

"Go ahead." He laughed and 'dragged' Feferi forward by her hair until she was kneeling over his stomach. "And strip her off wwhile you're at it."

Sollux reached up, pulling Feferi down to lie on top of him, and wrapped his arms around her. He kissed her throat first, moving up to her fin, so that he could whisper to her.

"Play along. There'th camerath recording thith." He didn't know if they got sound as well, but he had to act like they did, and hope they weren't sensitive enough to catch his whisper. He'd have to hack it later, to make sure. Eridan growled, impatiently and Sollux began undressing Feferi, moving slowly and reluctantly.

"Are you okay FF? Can you handle thith?" He was allowed to be concerned for her, and to show it. But even though he didn't want to treat Feferi like his kismesis he could feel his bulge emerging at her closeness.

"I have to, don't I?"

"Yes, you do. Get your tongue into his nook and get it nice and wwet. I'm sure you don't wwant to hurt him wwhen I let him take you in." It was bad porn dialogue, and Sollux had to suppress a laugh on hearing it. Feferi began kissing her way down his body, shaking, but when she looked up, he could see it was with laughter from the glee in her smile.

Feferi kissed his bulge, then moved down past it, one hand cradling it out of her way. He felt her lips wet against his nook, then her tongue pushing slowly, but firmly into him.

"Just shut your eyes, lie back and enjoy it." Eridan put a hand over his eyes and tilted his head back flat. He should defy the breeder, open his eyes and lift his head, strain to see what his matesprit was doing. But he couldn't, not with the way her tongue was opening him up, touching him in places he'd never bothered to touch himself. "Feels good doesn't it? Let me knoww if she fucks up and hurts you." Eridan stroked his hair, brushing against the base of one horn, then left him.

He was naked when he came back, Sollux could feel bare skin pressed against his side, Eridan's partially unsheathed bulge moving against his thigh.

"Fingers noww. Start wwith the smallest, wwriggle it about, then swwitch to another wwhen he relaxes around you." Eridan kissed Sollux, far too gently as Feferi slid one small finger inside him, switched to whispering into his ear. "Vvris used to sit on my face for the first part wwhen she made me prepare her nook." She'd beat him that utterly? Or he'd let her have that sort of complete victory - and was telling Sollux about it now? "I knoww howw to make sure you enjoy this. If you can't handle this, pretend she's hurting you, and I can drag her awway - I'vve told her to pinch your nook or somethin' if she needs to opt out."

That was hugely reassuring, and Sollux felt that he could relax, now that he knew Feferi had a way out. Eridan ran a hand across his chest and down over his stomach to stroke his bulge briefly before pulling away from him.

"You'vve nevver had anythin' in the nook before, havve you? So, whenevver you get somethin' inside you from noww on you'll remember this, and think of me, wwon't you?" He would too.

"Like you'll remember me thplaying you out with my powerth every time you get something up yourth?" He opened his eyes now, looking for Eridan, and he caught the flush in his cheeks. But bantering over Feferi felt wrong, and so did trying to include her, so he fell silent as she finished preparing him according to Eridan's instructions. He did push himself up on his elbows, to watch her, and this time Eridan let him. When she pulled her fingers out at the end and sat back on her heels he realised Eridan had cut her claws short and blunt. The breeder flopped down beside them, lying on his back.

"Sol, you get in me first, then Fef can get into you from behind." Sollux bridled at the command, but he obeyed, pushing into Eridan without any hint of preparation. Eridan hissed as Feferi pushed more slowly into Sollux from behind - then he wrapped an arm around them both and pushed them over so that all three of them were lying on their sides. Eridan wrapped one leg over the two of them, touching Sollux, and Feferi, and he lost himself in the feelings. Eridan tightened around him, spilling hot genetic material between them, setting Sollux off, and then Feferi spilt her material inside him, so hot it almost burned.

"Fef, go and run a bath for the three of us. It's through that door." Eridan pointed over Sollux's body. "Make it on the cool side."

"ED?" Why was he being so considerate? Sollux shivered as Feferi pulled away from him.

"You're real fragile Sol, and I'd forgotten, Vvris alwways played it off like she wwas tough enough not to care about the temperature difference, but she nevver wwanted to wwalloww in her vvictory afterwwards. And that wwas a much smaller difference. Wwe can handle cold much better than you lot can handle heat."

"I...hurt my Solefish?" Sollux pushed away from Eridan at the sound of Feferi's uncertain voice. She was standing by the door, an unhappy look on her face.

"It'th not your fault FF. ED made you do it." That didn't seem to reassure her. "I'll be okay thoon."

"Quicker if you get that bath run for him." That sent her through the door.
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