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Title: In the Seasons of Conscription Part 6

Fandom: Homestuck

Characters: Sollux/Eridan, Sollux/Feferi, Eridan/Karkat

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Consent issues, discussion of slavery, mpreg

"Consort Karkat!" He resisted the urge to flinch at the title, Eltice was just tryng to be respectful. At least he still got his name - the concubines refused to address Feferi as anything but 'Second Consort' to a troll.

"What do you need?" He turned to watch the yellowblood approach him, focusing on his face and symmetrically forked horns rather than the arm missing from the elbow down. It was just too rage-inducing to remember that Vriska had been injured worse - and still had no reason to fear culling.

"To talk about our lord." Karkat would normally enjoy the deference in Eltice's voice, but something about how he held himself looked more like guilt.

"What about him" All the concubines had volunteered to belong to Eridan without even knowing him. They'd made their choices and Karkat wasn't going to let them mess things up for everyone with regrets.

"He hasn't...sent for any of us yet." Karkat blinked at Eltice's choice of euphenisms. "Is he...displeased with us?" Palpable anxiety filled the taller troll, and Karkat reached up to pat him on the shoulder.

"No, you've all done what he's asked." He hadn't had trouble with any of the concubines. The worst was their insistence on using 'consort' as a title. They'd even sorted out their own internal hierarchy quietly - mostly by hemocaste, unfortunately. "But he's not going to order you to service him." What should he say? He needed to reassure Eltice, but he couldn't reveal too much about Eridan's reasons. He wanted to trust Eridan's concubines, but he didn't know enough about how much freedom they'd have in the Fleet, or how good they'd be at keeping quiet. "Do you really think I'm waiting about to be summoned?"

"'re his consort, that's different."

"He likes courage. You lot get points for not just rolling over and waiting to die when you got hurt. It makes up for none of you having the guts to get in touch ith him on your own, instead of just waiting around for him to contact you with his decision. He's told you that all of you can get involved with each other if you want, so it's not like he's the only person you're allowed to pail. If you're that desperate for a chance at Eridan's nook then have the shameglobes to fucgking tell him. The very worst hell do is tell you 'no' - and you'll get points for courage whatever happens." Karkat turned around and stormed off, only slowing down once he had to be out of Eltice's sight. He came to a stop as he realised the implications of his little rant. Red or pale for Eridan, there was no way he'd let the breeder's first experience of flushed sex be with someone who was only there to avoid being culled. Eridan deserved better.

He started walking again, hurrying to find Eridan before Eltice got the courage to come looking.

Eridan had a book open, purple colour in his cheeks as he read, and Karkat settled down in the cushion pile beside him, leaning against his side. He shut his eyes, reconsidering his impulse to ask to pail Eridan now - he deserved a better first flushed experience than a concubine, but he deserved better than some twisted form of charity too. Eridan was deeply red for Karkat, everything he'd done since claiming him made that clear, but that didn't make him stupid, he was better at reading people than he admitted, and ultrasensitive to any hint of rejection. If Karkat pailed him just to keep one of Eridan's concubines from being his first flushed experience then he'd know about it and be really badly hurt. Especially since Karkat had to report on his conversation with Eltice.

Maybe he should just give the report, resign himself to watching one of the concubines take Eridan's flushed virginity, but the sense of possessive fury that filled him at that idea told him to forget it. Just the thought made him want to tear out Eltice's oh-so-deferential tongue.

"Har?" Eridan stroked his hair, and Karkat looked up to see him frowning down at him. "You're growwlin'. Is somethin' wwrong?"

"I..." What could he say? He hadn't figured anything out, so all he had was the truth. "Eltice asked why you hadn't sent for any of your concubines. I assumed it was because you were waiting for them to offer, and told him to ask if he wanted to pail you."

"You're...angry that I'm bein' as patient wwith them as wwith you? Or because none of my concubines dared approach me?" He looked amused, but sounded oddly wistful.

"Neither. I just...the idea of one of them with you made me want to hurt them." And that just made him angrier, with himself this time, he had no right to think that way about Eridan.

"You're fellin' possessivve a me then?" Eridan smiled at Karkat now, gleeful surmise in his voice. But the smile faded a little as he continued. "I really do wwish fidelity wwas an option for me, but it wwould be risky evven if I had a sea troll matesprit."

"I know that!" Maybe he shouldn't have snapped - but Eridan had been flushed for him when he was free, didn't have to control his temper. "I just...can't stand the idea of one of your concubines being with you before me."

"But you don't care about me bein' wwith them after? Wwhy does it matter? I'vve been pailin' since I wwas wwith Vvriska." Too early in Karkat's opinion, but Eridan hadn't asked for it.

"Yes,'s all been pitch. I...don't think you've ever had a flushed relationship." He'd have mentioned it if he had, boasted about having a red fling.

"I havven't no." He shrugged. "A couple of blue breeders offered me the use a their harems." Karkat's shock at that must have shown, because Eridan blushed faintly, and shrugged again. "It's a sort a...courtship gesture, and a token of submission. Blues're supposed to be affiliated wwith another breeder by conscription - their dam if they'vve got one, or a purple. It wwas a couple a swweeps back, so I declined." That made sense, those two had to have been trying to cheat Eridan somehow - even if Karkat wasn't quite clear on what benefits Eridan was supposed to get from his involvement with them. "But evven if I'd agreed, that wwouldn't havve been really flushed, or pitch."

"I guess not. Anyway, I'm saying your first flushed time's supposed to be with someone you feel that way about?"

"And someone wwho feels that wway about you." Eridan moved down to sprawl on the floor beside Karkat, head in his lap, tipped back to bare his throat, supremely confident and utterly trusting. "This a roundabout wway a sayin' that you're ready noww?" His bulge certainly thought so, he could feel it pushing out in reaction to Eridan's presence.

"I...guess it does. I don't want anyone else available to be your first flushed experience. Just the thought makes me want to maim whoever you pick instead." Karkat flushed at his own sheer arrogance - he sounded like a highblood romantic lead talking to his lowblood flushcrush and Eridan should be rightfully furious at his presumption. Instead he looked like it was the most romantic thing he'd ever heard.

"You really mean that, Kar?"

"Wouldn't say it if I didn't." He hesitated and stroked Eridan's cheek, should he admit his earlier feelings? The trouble was he still felt pale for Eridan, even if he was reacting flushed right now. And if Eridan found out later...he needed the breeder stable, couldn't stand the idea of betraying him, or seeming to - and concealing pale feelings while acting flushed was the biggest betrayal possible in a red relationship, the biggest one Karkat was in any position to commit. "Except, I think I feel more pale for you than flushed."

Eridan pushed himself up, moving slowly and carefully, frowning now.

"I'm confused here Kar. You make a classic flushed declaration - evven better, one you'vve obvviously thought about, that fits our circumstance, not just a rote line wwith no regard for wwho I am and wwho you are. Than you tell me that you're more pale for me? Wwantin' to havve me first isn't a pale reaction?"

"But not wanting you to be with someone unworthy of you is. And it's not like I can look for someone better for you." Except he didn't want to either. "And I still want to make you more effective, help you see outside your highblood assumptions. And I still want to be your first flushed lover, paint you scarlet with my genetic material, and paint myself violet with yours. I want to know what sounds you make in the extremes of pleasure, and how to get you to make them." Eridan was smiling again, relaxed and content.

"You...really think that declaration was romantic, and appropriate? It was a highblood's line, not something I should be saying to you. I don't have the right to be possessive of you."

"Maybe it's cruel and selfish a me, but I like it wwhen you act possessivve. It makes me feel that you wwant me, care about me, that I'm not just convvenient for you." He worried about that? How could a violet breeder be insecure? Especially one as beautiful as Eridan.

"I...don't care if you're pale for me as wwell as flushed, I just can't be pale for you. Not noww anywway. Can you livve wwith that?" Could he?

"Yes." Karkat climbed into Eridan's lap, wrapping his arms around his neck and kissing him. "I still want to be your first flush - have I ruined the mood for you?"

Eridan laughed and returned his kiss. "I'm no alwways wwet stereotype, but can't you feel howw much I'm in the mood for you?" He opened his legs, and Karkat bit his lip at the feel of Eridan's bulge nudging against his thigh.

"I can now...uh what do you want to do next?" Karkat didn't have any experience after all, not even the pitch experience Eridan had.

"I said you could havve control. Or...are you askin' for suggestions?"

"Yeah, suggestions would be good." He pulled away reluctantly and stood. "And can we go somewhere a bit more comfortable?"

"A course wwe can. I'vve got a concupiscent lounge - it's pretty much required once wwe're fully matured. Maybe that wwill givve you some ideas?" He blushed, and glanced away from Karkat. "I just ordered a standard suite. There's some thing you wwon't wwant to use. Or wwon't be able to." Eridan stood and began leading Karkat through his hive.

"Won't be able to use?"

"Standard suite includes a couple a boxes of restraints, and another couple a boxes of wwhat I think're black play toys. The restraints wwould be loose on Sol, and evven if they'd fit on me they wwouldn't hold."

"I don't want to tie you down!" Karkat snapped at Eridan in shock, then considered the implications of Eridan's words. "I...would you let me if I did?" It wasn't right if he didn't bind a quadrant, not even a kismesis. And highbloods never made themselves as vulnerable as Eridan was...suggesting, or was it offering?

"In theory I don't havve a problem wwith it - I mean you'd let me free if I needed it. But...practically it's not really an option - not unless you're talking about usin' something I could break just as a reminder not to movve."

Oh, yeah. It would put them all at risk if Eridan bought restraints that would hold him - he had no reason to do that - not a publically acceptably reason anyway.

"Is there actually a way it would be socially acceptable for you to buy that sort of restraints?" He really didn't want to tie Eridan up or down, or anything but Eridan had brought it up, and he'd been so inventive in finding ways around what he was supposed to do that Karkat wondered if he had an idea for that too.

"Only if I defeat another sea breeder, geld and spay her, and force him into my harem. That's far too risky."

"Yeah, whether I can control them or not." And he wished he believed that he could. "I don't want highbloods in the harem apart from Feferi. Is there really nothing you want from this?"

"Wwell...if you must knoww...I'd like to taste your nook?" He slanted an oddly coy glance at Karkat as he stopped in front of a door - that must be the concupiscent lounge. Karkat stayed quiet until they were inside the block - Eridan had sounded like he thought he was asking Karkat for a favour.

"You really want to...service me like that?" Why would any highblood want to do that? Was it some sort of kink thing? He'd seen a couple of movies where that sort of thing had happened between matesprits, but it had always been something the lowblood had done for their higher ranked lover, and treated like the extreme display of submission it was, just like the one film where the paranoid highblood had wanted to restrain their lowblood matesprit had treated that like an aberration, a display of total devotion. So why was Eridan offering these things so casually?

"It's only servvicin' wwhen you're preparin' someone to take you in, isn't it? I...thought it wwas different in the flushed quadrant." Now Eridan looked unhappy and uncertain. Karkat reached up and papped him, earning himself a startled look and a chuckle - but Eridan had said he could be pale for him, given him permission for this, hadn't he?

"If it's what you want to do I won't say no. And this is flushed, so as long as we're both happy with it then I guess it's fine. I just didn't expect the offer." Anything besides fingers in the nook usually belonged in the pitch quadrant, but he couldn't say that, make Eridan feel that his desires were aberrant. "Let me undress you?" He stepped back and smiled at Eridan, pleased when the breeder returned his smile.

"Yeah, go ahead. Just tell me wwhat you wwant me to do."

"Uh..." He glanced around the block, assessing it properly. "Can you stand in front of the concupiscent couch please?" It would be easiest to start with the trousers, Karkat wanted to make this good for Eridan, but he couldn't keep asking him to stand up and down, or move him to undress him, and he didn't want Eridan lying down yet, that felt like it would be moving too fast.

For all he'd been lounging around, Eridan was wearing formal trousers and a belt, Karkat started with that, once Eridan was in position, unfastening the simple buckle and reaching around his waist to pull it from the loops.

" you want me to fold your clothes up or anything?" Eridan's hive wasn't exactly tidy, but his clothes were always put away properly, never left lying about.

"You don't have to. I'm just goin' to put it back on once wwe're finished." Eridan shrugged. "But if leavvin' evverythin' in a pile wwill be botherin' you feel free to make it all look neat."

Permission given Karkat tossed the belt aside, and went for the buttons on Eridan's trousers - he didn't get why Eridan had buttons, instead of a zip like any normal troll, Gamzee didn't, and Equius wore pants he could just pull on. He pulled them down to Eridan's knees, followed by his briefs, and glanced up at him.

"Can you sit down now please?"

"A course." Karkat knelt as Eridan sat, and pulled off his slippers, putting them to one side before removing Eridan's trousers and briefs in one go. He kicked his own slippers off as he stood, then climbed into Eridan's lap.

"Mind if I hold you for a bit, Kar?" He didn't have to ask, so why was he?

"Yeah, go ahead." Karkat wrapped his own arms around Eridan's waist, resting his head against his broad chest as Eridan cradled him gently in his arms. This was right, how it was supposed to be, Karkat wrapped up in his master's embrace, protected. And if he didn't really want to be protected? That just meant there was something wrong with him - it wasn't like he could protect Eridan in any meaningful way.

He stretched up to kiss Eridan's throat, a common enough piece of foreplay - Eridan should cradle Karkat's head in one hand, controlling him so that he could pull Karkat away if he pushed too far, instead Eridan released him, and leaned back a little, hands on the couch and head tilted right back, utterly submissive. Karkat gentled his touch, laving Eridan's throat with tongue and lips, avoiding any hint of teeth - not that his blunt teeth were that much of a threat.

Once he had Eridan purring under his lips Karkat pulled back, and began opening his shirt, slowly working his way down from the throat to his waist, kissing Eridan's chest as he bared the skin. He kissed his way back up, nuzzling again at Eridan's throat as he pushed his shirt off his shoulders and down his arms. He pulled back, reluctantly, but he still didn't really know what he wanted to do with Eridan.

"Do you want to undress me now?"

"If that's wwhat you wwant. Or I can wwait for you wwhile you look around, see if you get any ideas about wwhat you wwant to do."

"Oh, yeah, that's a good idea." He slid down from Eridan's lap and waved vaguely at the trunks against one wall. "I'll just look through those, see if it gives me any inspiration. You lie back and wait for me?" That was far too much like an order, and Karkat waited for Eridan to object, or assert his own desires the way he should.

Eridan nodded and stretched out on the hugh flat concupiscent couch, Karkat watched in fascinated disbelief as he arranged himself in open invitation.

"This wwork for you Kar?" He glanced away, looking freakishly coy. "Or wwould you rather I didn't wwatch you until you say I can?"

"No, you're fine as you are. You can tell me if I pick up anything you'd rather I left alone."

"I told you, you can do anythin' you wwant. I knoww you're not goin' to evven try to hurt me, and as long as you don't try to hurt yourself usin' me I can't think of anythin' I'd say no to." He shouldn't be trusting Karkat for that, no matter how red he was. Karkat swallowed and turned to open the biggest of the trunks against the wall.

"Concupiscent mats?" He turned to look at Eridan with a frown. What were those doing rolled up in there?

"I should havve put those in the harem." Eridan was laughing at himself, and shaking his head. "I told you all that you could pair up and register to contribute if you wwanted, but I forgot to give you anywwhere comfortable to actually do it."

"Uh yeah. Put them in our blocks. Maybe we could set one of the empty blocks as our concupiscent lounge?"

"A course you can. You interested in any a them?"

"What? Fuck no. I'm not such an ungrateful douchenozzle that I'd take even more advantage of your generosity."

"And I'm not such a hypocrite that I'd insist on you bein' faithful wwhen I can't be, not as long as you take your pleasures safely - wwhich means inside my household."

"Uh...yeah. I appreciate that." He turned back to the boxes, opening one - and slamming it closed at the sight of knives inside it. "But, fuck! I'm not the sort of troll who cheats on his quadrants, and I'm not interested in anyone in your harem black." And even if he had felt that way about any of the concubines, Karkat didn't think he could afford to act on it. He'd never use it that way, but Eridan's favour was far too powerful a weapon in their little world for any of the concubines to enter a consenseual kismessitude with him.

"It's not cheatin' if evverybody knowws about it and agrees." Eridan sounded sulky, and Karkat looked back to see him pouting and looking down at the concupiscent couch, purple tinting his cheeks. Karkat silently cursed himself and climbed onto the couch with him. He trembled a little as he took hold of Eridan's chin, lifting it so he could kiss him.

"You're right. I'm sorry." And shocked at the way Eridan had let Karkat move him. "I just...never thought I could be that desirable." What Eridan had applied to breeders, and maybe other particularly powerful highbloods, people important enough that part of their attention was worth all of yours, not to a cullbait mutant like Karkat.

"Just, try to remember, wwhen you insult yourself, you're insultin' my taste too."

"I will." He needed to change the subject - and he had the perfect diversion. "I...that box was full of knives."

"Doesn't make sense to me either. But I told you there wwere some things you wwouldn't be interested in usin' on me. You wwant to explore a bit more?" Was that an order? Karkat figured that if it was, Eridan would correct him when he ignore it.

"No, I'd rather just stick to simple stuff." He began pulling his clothes off as he spoke.

"Yeah, simple's good." There was a husky sound to Eridan's voice as he lay back with a smile, opening his legs and making his body fully available to Karkat. He even closed his eyes and tipped his head back to bare his throat, offering himself up almost as if Karkat owned him.

Karkat swallowed against a suddenly dry throat. Eridan was making himself stunningly vulnerable - more than Karkat could imagine making himself - a humbling display of trust, or a breathtaking display of arrogance. Or both. But whatever it was, he couldn't keep fussing about it, and those gill slits looked so strange, he just had to explore them. He rested a hand on Eridan's stomach for support, and leaned down to kiss the end of one gill slit.

"Ah, Kar?" He froze, had he fucked up already? Eridan hadn't said his gill slits were off limits, or was that something he just assumed was a given? "Point a information, those're pretty delicate, so please be gentle." But he hadn't moved, glancing up Karkat could see that he hadn't even opened his eyes. It was trust then, more than Karkat could possibly deserve.

"I will." He kissed his way down over Eridan's thoracic cage, following the line of the gill, as far as he could. Then he licked up along the gill, feeling the edges move beneath his tongue. It wasn't comfortable, and he sat back on his heels, ignoring the soft, disappointed sound Eridan made to look over his body and try to work out the logistics.

He swung one leg over Eridan's nearer thigh and leaned forward, trapping his own bulge between their bodies, and pressing his thigh against Eridan's nook. Eridan gave a soft, purring trill as his bulge wrapped around Karkat's hip, and Karkat kissed the corner of the gill slit nearest his mouth. He licked down, careful, oh so careful, one hand on the couch, the other running over Eridan's far hip, and Eridan trilled louder, gill opening under his tongue, revealing soft textured flesh underneath.

"Hang on a moment." Karkat sat back up, and reached down to stroke Eridan's bulge. He...wanted a traditional first flush, even if Eridan's long claws and nearly bulge sized fingers were intimidating, so...external only it was. He took hold of the tip of Eridan's bulge, lifting it, and pushed himself up to guide it between his legs to press against his own nook and against his ass. "Is...this okay?" It wasn't what Eridan had asked for, but his bulge was moving eagerly against Karkat's nook.

"If it's wwhat you wwant. You okay wwith me just lyin' here, or do you wwant me a bit more activve?"

"Stroke my back, and my hair, please?" Karkat leaned forward again, rocking his nook against Eridan's bulge and rubbing the outside of Eridan's nook with his knee as he went back to that same gill, licking it open to Eridan's trills. Eridan reached down, groping around until one hand rested hot on Karkat's shoulder, and the other on his head, thumb rubbing against one horn.

He moaned into Eridan's gill, servicing it like a nook, and rocking faster and faster as the sensations overwhelmed him. They spilled together, like matesprits should, Eridan's material splashing hot against Karkat's back, and Karkat's own spilling cool between them.

"I...s-sorry Eridan." He stumbled over his words as he collapsed on top of Eridan.

"Wwhat for?" Eridan sat up, gathering Karkat into his lap easily.

"I'm too sensitive now. Can't give you what you want."

"Maybe next time then, or the time after that. I can wwait until you're ready." Eridan kept on petting Karkat, until he relaxed again, boneless. "Or maybe, if you wwant it, givven the size difference...I havve pailin' toys sized for breeders and for normal trolls."

"Maybe." That sounded good, but he didn't want to think about next time just yet.
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