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Title: In the Seasons of Conscription Part 9

Fandom: Homestuck

Characters: Sollux/Eridan, Sollux/Feferi, Eridan/Karkat

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Consent issues, discussion of slavery, mpreg

Eridan was kissing down his belly to between his legs again. Karkat moaned and grabbed at his head. One hand caught in Eridan's hair, but the other wrapped around a fin.

"Stop, please!"

"Kar, wwhat's wwrong?" Eridan shifted above him, sitting up and pulling Karkat into his lap, without even trying to make him release his hold. "Am I goin' too fast for you?"

"N-no." He shook his head, and realised he was still holding onto Eridan's hair and fin. "Sorry." He let go at once, and stretched up to kiss Eridan's cheek. "Not too fast, shouldn't be doing this for me."

"But you taste so good, lovve. I like this, truly I do." He kissed Karkat full on the mouth, and licked his lower lip as he withdrew. Eridan shouldn't be begging for his understanding and acceptance. "I wwouldn't do this wwith anyone I didn't knoww wwell enough to quadrant up wwith. I can promise you that. I'm all properly dominatin' wwith my concubines." He spoke rapidly, almost anxiously, as if he needed to reassure Karkat of his faithfulness or something. "I guess if my mentor wwants this from me I'll havve to givve it to her, but other than that-"

"Don't Eridan." He shouldn't cut Eridan off like this, but..."Please, I don't want you making promises to me. Not about this." Not about something he'd made it clear he might have to trade to keep them safe.

"Then if it upsets you I wwon't make any promises. But please, Kar, believve that I wwouldn't be usin' my tongue on you if I didn't wwant to."

"I believe you, Eridan." He didn't have any reason to waste time lying to Karkat. "And I know I shouldn't try to deny you, but..."

"Nevver say that Kar. You'vve alwways got the right to say no to me." Eridan had said that before, and Karkat knew he meant it, was more than willing to accept his refusal, at least in private, but Karkat was very aware that it was a privilege Eridan granted him, not a right. Not for him, not anymore.

"And you'll accept it, I know. But," He swallowed hard, this wasn't something he liked admitting about himself, it made him feel as hypocritical as Feferi. "I'm traditionalist enough that having you servicing me feels wrong sometimes. And so does refusing you. I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry. You can't help howw you feel. Maybe you'll get more comfortable wwith havvin' me betwween your legs as you get more used to it?"

"Maybe." He cuddled up against Eridan's chest, smiling ruefully. "I've kind of ruined the mood, haven't I?" He didn't really want to do anything more right now - at least not involving his own pleasure. "Unless you want to lie back and let me take care of you?"

"If you truly wwant that?"

"Please. I...want to focus on you. Make you feel good." Take care of him - it should feel like serving Eridan, the way a consort should, but the way Eridan just laid himself down and stretched out beneath him made Karkat feel oddly powerful. Like the breeder was surrendering somehow, offering himself up to Karkat. "Do you want my hand, or should I get one of the pailing toys? Or...use my mouth on you?" He could feel himself stiffening up a bit at the idea - it was the right thing to offer, he belonged to Eridan, but he didn't understand what he could get out of doing that for him, what Eridan got out of being between his legs.

"Kar, I knoww you don't wwant to do the last." Eridan reached up to run a hand through his hair, smiling like it was okay that Karkat didn't want to submit to him the way he should. "But...both a your first twwo ideas sound good." He pulled Karkat down into a kiss, then dropped his hand and tipped his head back, eyes closed. "I knoww I can trust you." And Karkat would do anything he could to prove worthy of that trust. He dipped his head to taste Eridan's lips again, then moved down to lap at his beautifully bared throat, tongue and lips, no teeth.

He moved further down, and palmed Eridan's gill slits on one side, careful to run his hand down over the flaps, pressing them closed, safe, making Eridan trill softly, and push into his touch.

"Think I'll get one of the toys. Can you open your legs for me, enough so I can sit between them?" Eridan didn't answer, just opened his legs the moment Karkat moved away from him. And Eridan's eyes were still shut. Karkat determinedly ignored how touching he found that, focusing instead on the toybox. He didn't pick out the biggest pailing toy, but the one he picked was still nearly as big as his forearm.

He pushed Eridan's legs a bit further apart, and knelt between them, leaning forward to kiss his stomach as he ran one hand up inside Eridan's thigh. His fingers pressed against Eridan's nook; he was wet, but not dripping, not yet - Karkat was going to change that. He dropped the toy and pressed closer, fingers running up and down, around the edge of his nook, while he kissed his way up Eridan's stomach, to the lowest of his gills.

He worked Eridan's nook open as he kissed and licked at his gill, teasing that open at the same time, eliciting soft trills of pleasure. Trills that turned mournful as he pulled away once he had Eridan ready to take the toy in. But he didn't even object in words, let alone pull Karkat back down to continue pleasuring his gills. How could Eridan stand to be so passive under Karkat's attentions?

He stroked down Eridan's bulge to wrap his hand around as much of the base as he could before he picked the toy back up again. He couldn't use his tongue on Eridan's nook properly, couldn't quite bring himself to, no matter how much he thought he should, but he could kiss Eridan just below his bulge - and just above his nook, then push the toy halfway into him.

Eridan arched up with a moan, taking the toy deeper, and Karkat started it up. It writhed into a spiral, and Karkat had to keep hold of the base, keep it from working further into his love. It always surprised him how easily Eridan could open up to take something in, even something this big.

"Fuck, you're amazing!" How could he control his nook so easily, take a bulge or a toy in with so little preparation? "I still can't quite believe you picked me, decided to protect me, and trust me enough to listen to me." And to let Karkat have so much control, even as he was servicing Eridan he was the one choosing how to, seeing when Eridan was ready, and wringing those wonderful sounds of pleasure from him. More than pleasure, sounds of climax, Eridan almost screeched as he spilled all over himself, and Karkat cursed as he bucked up, taking the toy in even deeper, leaving him struggling to keep hold of the damn thing - let alone turn it off and pull it out.

"Oh fuck! I'm sorry." He'd got overconfident - complacent - and he'd missed the signs that Eridan was getting close. He fumbled the toy off and out, tossing it aside and looked up at Eridan, hoping that he hadn't been too badly overstimulated. "Are you okay Eridan?" He rested a hand on Eridan's stomach, stroking gently.

"Yeah, a course I am. Wwhy wwouldn't I be?" Eridan reached down and took hold of Karkat's shoulder, pulling him up to lie on his chest, and blinking at him with a puzzled look on his face.

"I...didn't leaving the toy in after you spilled hurt?" Karkat knew that he had to look just as baffled as Eridan did - although understanding seemed to dawn on him.

"Oh, no Kar, it didn't. I could havve spilled again, evventually, if you'd left it in." Eridam smiled delightedly and shrugged one shoulder. "I just don't get ovversensitivve like that, not from spillin' just once. Guess I'm lucky that wway." Eridan froze under him for a moment, and bit his lip before licking the beads of blood away, oddly nervous. "Havve I hurt you by keepin' goin' for too long? I tend to forget that not evveryone has the same reponses as I do wwhen it comes to pailin'."

"What? No, never!"

"You'd havve said if I had, a course." Eridan smiled confidently, and sat up, wrapping his arms around Karkat. "Kar, I'vve made a decision about Gam. Captain Iceheart made it clear that the only wway he wwas gettin' on her ship wwould be as one a my harem guards."

"Because the other alternative is as a subjuggulator trainne - and she doesn't like subjuggulators." That made perfect sense, except..."You're not worried that adding Gamzee to your household might cause problems with power dynamics?"

"I havve confidence that you can keep him under control. If you ask me to I'll step in to support you a course - or Nep if you wwant me to make sure she ends up on top?"

"Fuck, no you're right, I don't need you to support me in making sure Gamzee recognises my authority. He'll back down to me, and you don't have time to keep on stepping in to make sure he accepts Nepeta's authority if she can't establish it herself." Having Eridan tell Gamzee that he was the low-ranker in his guard would undermine Nepeta's authority, because what sort of leader needs someone else to establish her position for her?

"I do right noww, but I wwon't in the future. But sometimes just knowwin' that your superior wwill back you, no questions, helps givve you the confidence to fully assert your authority - or at least that's wwhat I'vve been taught." Eridan shrugged. "I wwas hopin' you'd be wwillin' to tell Gam about my decision? Accompanied by Nep to protect you on your journey a course."

"Yes, if that's what you want. But...isn't it an insult?" Nice as it would be to leave Eridan's hive without him, taste some of the freedom he'd given up for safety, Karkat didn't want to be used as an insult. Especially not to Gamzee, one of the people who'd be protecting Sollux, and then him once they joined the Fleet.

" could be taken that wway. But it's also a compliment, that I trust him not to evven attempt to hurt you - especially if you dismiss Nep wwhile you're vvisitin' him."

"As a display that you...I...we trust him to be able to protect me too." Because Karkat wasn't allowed to protect himself, not really.

"Exactly." Eridan smiled as he nodded.

Eridan arranged for the visit the next night, and Karkat let Nepeta help him down from the transport, playing the proper harem ornament. Gamzee was there to greet them both, shambling forward with a wide careless grin.

"Karbro, kittysis. Come on in!" For a moment Karkat thought Gamzee was going to hug him, but he stopped just out of arm's reach - for him - and waited for one of them to respond.

"Nepeta just came to guard me on the journey. You cna go and visit your moirail - Eridan let him know that you'd be in the area, just get back here in four hours."

"Are you pawsitive you'll be safe? That no one will try to catch you and use you against Ampurra?"

"Gamzee should be able to protect me." He damn well better - and she knew why Karkat was there. "Just go, you don't want to keep your moirail wating, do you?"

"Yes Karkat." She didn't sound too happy about it though, and she shot a suspicious glance at Gamzee before she left.

"You think I can protect you Karbro?" Gamzee's grin widened even more, a soppy look on his face. "We best get inside then, instead of all standing out in the open like this. There's dangerous things in the sea."

"Yeah, sure." He let Gamzee shepherd him inside - absently noting that he at least had the sense not to actually touch him.

"Why'd our fishbro let you come to visit?" He didn't even offer Karkat a drink first - although at least he'd waited for him to sit down.

"He wanted to adjust the terms of your agreement. Do you really want to be a subjuggulator?" Everyone had just taken it for granted that Gamzee would be one, because there were almost no other options for indigoes, just like there was only one way a powerful telekinetic could avoid ending up a helmsman.

"I don't mind it at all Karbro. What does Eridan want to change?" There was a hint of danger to Gamzee's body language now.

"He wants you as one of his harem guards. What else did you think he was going to do you panaddled clown? It's not like he's the sort to back out of his promises."

"Oh, yeah I'm all up with guarding you and the rest of his people - that includes my Tavbro and the fishsis, doesn't it?" Gamzee dropped down onto the couch beside Karkat, sprawling to take up every bit of space left. "Who's in charge, me or the kittysis?"

"I am." He reached up and tangled a hand in Gamzee's hair, near the base of the horns, and tugged. "You both listen to me and do what I tell you to - got it?"

"Yeah, sure Karbro, I can do that. But between me and her, who's in charge?"

"I don't care, and neither does Eridan. Work it out between yourselves - just don't let it get in the way. Now, you should have offered me a drink by now." He pushed away, and Gamzee pushed himself to his feet.

"Oh, yeah, sure, what do you want?"


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