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Part 5 of Silver, hopefully I'll get more encouragement and inspiration for this, but...

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Some more of this one. Probably be a while for the next part, I'm planning on posting Responsive 11, then Incubus 14, followed by Responsive 12 then Patron 14, and I'll decide what else to post after that.

Seraph Part 15 )
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Part 4, probably be a while before I'm ready to post the next part of this. But then I don't get as much encouragement on my YGO work.

Silver Part 4 )
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Warning implied sex with an apparent child. (I don't see it as shota, and it doesn't happen on screen, but just in case.)

Heccubus Part 7 )
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Got some more of this done.

Heccubus Part 6 )
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The part after this might be a while. I'm posting Responsive next week, then Heccubus.

Silver Part 3 )
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Some more of this.

Silver Part 2 )
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Sequel to Reverberations.

Silver Part 1 )
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Everyone likes reviews, right?

Heccubus Part 5 )
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Review people, please!

Heccubus Part 4 )
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Some more of Heccubus. Again, reviews are always appreciated. If I don't get any reviews I'll think no one likes me.

Heccubus Part 3 )
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Some more of Heccubus. Reviews are always appreciated.

Heccubus Part 2 )
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Another RyouxBakura fic from a plot bunny I sent to Cheysuli-night. But the bunny's still free for anyone who wants it.

Heccubus Part 1 )
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Sequel to 'The Foxhole'. Bakura starts to pay off his debt to Ryou from their display, Yami and Yugi discover the nature of their love, and Seto approaches Wraith and Silver with a surprising propostion.

Reverberations )
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Warnings as for previous part

The Foxhole Part 2 )
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Warnings BDSM, bloodplay

The Foxhole Part 1 )


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