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Therapist Question

Okay, I've started writing a story about Kim where his first therapist is a bit of a disaster - because while she's great with transmen and transwomen who fit comfortably into the traditional binary she doesn't really recognise that there are transpeople who don't. Terese found her by going to a trans resources website and putting up a request for recommendations as well as roughly where she lives.

Since Kim is male assigned at birth, but presents as female and wishes to be female-bodied the first therapist concludes that he is a transwoman in denial and spends most of the first session - when she isn't trying to get him to remove his veil - insisting that he believes he should have been born a woman. If it matters the way Kim dresses, even without his veil he looks a lot like a olympic level female gymnast or a ballerina with really long hair in victorian doll type dresses. And the therapist in question is used to transpeople who know that they are a woman or a man born in the wrong body, who've done a lot of the soul searching already and mainly need official sanction.

When she learns about this Terese declares that Kim won't be going back to her and finds another website, this time for non-binary transpeople, and asks for recommendations again, this time adding that she's willing to move to a number of cities (ones that won't inconvenience her) if she needs to in order to get Kim the support he needs. I don't know for certain if she does have to, or if it just means that Tonio has to drive longer to take Kim to his sessions.

I do know that the next therapist does say that (s)he hopes Kim will eventually feel comfortable enough to remove his veil in their sessions, but mainly focuses the therapy around Kim's needs and desires.

My worry is that I think I might have made the first therapist seem sufficiently unprofessional - even without actually trying to write the session - that it doesn't seem plausible for her to be so well thought of by binary transpeople.

Again, comments are screened for privacy issues. I don't have too much invested into this piece, so if my concern is justified I can let it go easily enough.